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RE: [eclipse-dev] consistent CVS tags for builds?

Like Susan, I'm on the west coast of the USA, but I tag using Ottawa
time because that's where the servers are.

APT uses tags like v20080415-1430 in HEAD, but we use tags like
R33x_v20070912-1230 for the maintenance branches: that is, modifier
first.  We have sometimes appended text for custom patches.  I guess
that moving to vYYYYMMDD-HHMM_modifier would work for us, since v sorts
after R, but that's dumb luck.

JDT core uses tags like v730.  They have their reasons for doing so, I
suspect.  Note that v2008[etc.] will not sort right compared to v730.

It is true that consistency is nice.  But another useful aphorism is "if
it ain't broke, don't fix it".  Is this solving a real problem?  Do we
need to introduce changes at this point in the game, when we've surely
already about hit our limit of tolerance for builds broken due to
versioning and updating problems?

Personally, I would vote to leave things ALONE for 3.4.



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Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:41 PM
> >  time := the current time in HHmm format
> Is there any standard time zone to be considered? 
> Since we're specifying a convention, it's worth mentioning.
> Since I'm on the west coast, I try to tag using Ottawa time [...]

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