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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 16, 2008

- 3.4 tests results verification:
  - All tests of I20080415-0800 vs 20080215-1600?:
    results are not accessible on the build page but there
    are in the releng perf DB: nothing new



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- Chris (A) attended Eclipse Forum India

 Discussion Topic

Platform UI:
- CVS tags: Should we be more consistent with how we tag for I builds?
  - Either I2008... or v2008...
  - can the releng tool provide a default?
- How do we deal with API that leaked internal types?
  -Is it OK to break binary compatibility in cases like this?
  - See for a concrete


JDT APT status:
 - bug fixing
 - inbox, newsgroups, bugzilla
 - got set up as individual committer (paperwork, email change, configuring
   new machine)
 - APT has no P1 or P2 bugs at present, but this week I will review bugs to
   make sure they're prioritized correctly

Platform Search:
- BIDI fixes

- started to work on BIDI fixes
- performance work: minimizing the number of runnables posted as async exec
- improved call hierarchy on fields: can now show read and write references
  separately (contribution)
- continued making refactorings binary-aware: all renames, change signature
  & inline method done
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- working on parameter guessing update to use new jdt.core API
- started to work on BIDI fixes
- fixed wrong saving of UTF-16 LE file that has a BOM
- closed lots of old bugs (kudos to McQ!)
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- test builds for pde api tooling integration, new pde.p2.ui bundle, new fragment, more parallelization
- released M6a, updated Ganymede contribution
- working with IT team to resolve lab issues
- awaiting new build hardware which will dramatically decrease build
  time :-)

JDT Core:
- released concurrent compiler support
- released new comment formatter (not yet activated)
- investigating differences between ecj and javac in the -classpath and
  -sourcepath handling
- working on improving support for jsr199
- improving completion in 1.5 code (generic bounds, static imports)
- working on support for zip archives that don't have a .zip or .jar
- bug fixing
- bug triage

Platform UI:
- bidi bug fixes
- made ModalContext more resilient
- removed legacy show view actions
- part event ordering
- helped JRockit team with getting the UI tests to run on Vista
- leak investigation with JDT UI
- activities: performance optimizations, bugfixes in new expressions code
- written more performance tests

- p2: released support for authenticated repository access
- p2: support for discovery sites and associate update sites
- security: fix and polish of the secure storage
- bug fixing
- bug triage

- API description metadata is now in the build
- added @nooverride support for methods
- added problem severity preferences for different kinds of API leaks
- new target platform discovery option (@see bug 226037)
  - use installed bundles vs. all bundles
- bug fixing & triage

- M7 bug fixing
- bug 227112 [Proxy] User and password should be stored using the security
- bug 226459 [Proxy] UI for system proxy settings
  - the option is now available in the Preference Dialog to use system
    proxy settings (if available)
- inbox tracking

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