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RE: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse calendar

Mylyn has been using Google Calendar for a year and it works well for coordinating calls and events and it has been working well.  I sometimes wonder if it’s weird to be tying in an Eclipse project’s scheduling with a vendor-specific calendar and whether there is a more generic iCalendar-based solution that would work.  But that would require infrastructure.


If using Google Calendar does become more common, I think it would be good to standardize on a naming convention to make things easier for those using multiple calendars.  For example, we now have calendars named “Eclipse Communication Framework” and “Mylyn” and it could be easier to pick out the Eclipse ones if we went with something like “Eclipse - <project short name>”, e.g.:

·         Eclipse - BIRT

·         Eclipse - ECF

·         Eclipse - Mylyn





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Given the number of projects in the Eclipse Ecosystem, I would hope for a compromise: One for each major area. Which could then be something like SDK, EMF, BIRT, Mylyn, etc. And one for all conferences with relevant Eclipse content...


On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 3:34 AM, Jeff McAffer <jeff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is quite a good idea IMHO.  There are a variety of conf calls and other
meetings that we have around various Eclipse subprojects.  It might be
useful to have one calendar that captures them all.  That way people can see
at a glance what is going on etc.

Would it be better to have one per subproject or just one for all of the
Eclipse project?



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Hi Markus,

Seems like a good idea to me.  I created a shared calendar (Eclipse
Communication Framework).

You/everyone should be able to get to it now by clicking here:"">.

I'm putting some links on the wiki now.


Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
> Hi all,
> it slipped somehow from today's agenda but I wonder if it would be
> useful to have a shared (iCal/XML) calendar especially for ECF much
> like Releng, Ganymede etc. have. Makes it all the more easier to keep
> track of our important dates like con calls, API freezes, milestones
> and such. If possible all ECF committers would have write access to it
> (e.g. Google calendars has such a feature).
> Cheers
> Markus
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