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Re: [eclipse-dev] NLS.bind(...) vs MessageFormat.format(...)

Daniel Megert schrieb:

> As Jeff mentioned: the main reason for the NLS class is performance when
> loading the externalized messages and saving space.

Can someone please update the docs for NLS.class and NLS.bind() with the
info from this thread so it won't get lost?


PS: As a seasoned programmer, I suggest to forget about NLS and always
use MessageFormat, because a) the runtime footprint doesn't matter for
most of the cases (yes, it's different but not noticeably so) and b) you
don't have to remember a second API and c) chances are that you'll run
into a case eventually which can't be solved using NLS, so you'll end up
having to use and maintain two APIs in your code.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla a.k.a. Philmann Dark
"It's not the universe that's limited, it's our imagination.
Follow me and I'll show you something beyond the limits."

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