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Re: [eclipse-dev] NLS.bind(...) vs MessageFormat.format(...)

NLS#bind just substitutes values for {0}, {1}, etc, in a message string. That's all it does. If you read the class comment for MessageFormat, you will see the "pattern" argument can actually specify a number of things, such as locale-specific representation of currencies, dates, etc.  If you just want to substitute values into a string, I suggest using NLS (simpler, faster). If you want to do anything else such as locale-specific representation of numbers, use MessageFormat. I've never come across a need for MessageFormat myself, but I believe there is some usage in JFace that you could look at.


Olivier Thomann/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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04/07/2008 01:56 PM

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[eclipse-dev] NLS.bind(...) vs MessageFormat.format(...)


I'd like to get some clarification when one method should be used instead
of the other one.
In API Tools, we are trying to use MessageFormat.format(...), but I didn't
know and I ended up using NLS.bind(...).

When I was about to "fix" and go with MessageFormat.format from the ICU
bundle, I made a search for NLS.bind(...) usage and I found many hits. So
I'd like to know when each method should be used.The documentation inside
the NLS class mentioned that this is not a replacement for the
MessageFormat method, but it doesn't really say what kind of limitations
the NLS method has.

Can someone put some light on this, please?


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