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Re: [eclipse-dev] New API tooling tags

API Tools doesn't remove the existing description in the javadoc.
It only adds a @noimplement followed by the description based on the 
component.xml contents and this should replace the old one. So the user 
should remove the old one and keep only the new javadoc tags.
Since the wording of the old description is not consistent among bundles, 
we could not simply remove the old one.

API Tools also doesn't add @noinstantiate for abstract classes and doesn't 
add @noextend for final classes.

Hope this clarify what API Tools is doing.


Szymon Brandys <Szymon.Brandys@xxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: eclipse-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx
2008-04-03 06:33
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"General development mailing list of the Eclipse project." 

[eclipse-dev] New API tooling tags

I noticed that some redundant entries are created in javadocs,
when a project is converted to use API tooling.

For instance for an interface that is not intended to be implemented, I
will have the old entry "This interface is not intended to be implemented
by clients."
amd the new "@noimplement This interface is not intended to be implemented
by clients.".

I would move the comment to the tag. But maybe there are some tools that
can ignore new tags and users would not see it.
Of course we could just add a tag with no comment and leave the old entry
in javadoc.

Any thoughts?
Szymon Brandys

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