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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Jan 9, 2008 (with discussion topics)

Sorry we (Frederic and myself) left the call abruptly. We lost all connectivity here (phone and internet).


Mike Wilson <Mike_Wilson@xxxxxxxxxx>
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09/01/2008 03:36 PM

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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Jan 9,        2008 (with discussion topics)

Discussion Topics

Platform UI:
- Moving the tests and JFace snippets to Java 5.

- I would like to ensure that hidden resources fulfil expectations
 see bugs 210770, 182537, 109137 and the following:
- So far we are focusing on two areas during M5 "the hunk compare
 editor" (e.g. bugs 196228, 198844) and improvements in the builders
 framework. Please let me know if there are issues in Workspace
 components that are urgent for you for any reason.


JDT APT team:
- vacation
- testing compiler model of unresolved types (bug 196200)
- bug 213917, handling of annotations in
- work on javax.annotation.processing.Filer implementation
- inbox, newsgroups, Bugzilla

- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

- made M5 plan
- took a first look at JAR signer patch
- took a first look at contribution that generates an Ant script
 out of Runnable JAR file exporter
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- made M5 plan
- continued work on sticky hovers
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing
- vacation

- Bug fixing, patch reviewing
- Performance improvement to filtering static/final variables in
 Java debugger (bug 169359)
- Triage

- Preparing to graduate API tooling to SDK
- Investigating product customization
- added code format template to PDE projects
- Bug fixing, patch reviewing
- Triage

JDT Core:
- working on Javadoc formatter
- prototyping jar chaining using the MANIFEST.MF for batch compiler
- working on concurrent compiler
- bug triage
- bug fixing
- vacations

- attending OSGi Expert Group meetings
- graduated signed content API from incubator
- starting graduation process of selected incubator bundles (DS,
 IO, WireAdmin, CM, IP)
- p2 status:
- bug triage
- bug fixing
- vacation

User Assistance:
- completed  work to allow new root page to be added to universal
 intro as a customization
- bug fixing in intro
- working on creating a help feature and modifying the platform feature
 to include the help feature

Platform UI:
- maintenance work for detached windows
- matthew Hall proposed as committer for databindings
- manifest changes released for split packages
- reworking markerSupport so that groups can be defined within
 a markerContentProvider directly rather than just at the top
 level for the problems view
- adding support for extending existing markerContentProviders
 with new filters and groupings

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