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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 19, 2007

- tests results verification:
  - 3.4 (build I20071218-0800 - baseline 20071211-1748):
    - results on Windows boxes back to normal
    - opened bug
      for possible regression on JDT/Text formatter test
    - some other few bad results but need more inputs to confirm
  - 3.3.2 (build M20071214-0800 - baseline 20071123-1525):
    - some bad results on Windows boxes due to a system upgrade
    - no other perf issues on this build
- leaks:
  - quick tests on 3.4M4 didn't show obvious memory leaks
  - plan to add tooling or integrate existing tools (Sleak) inside
    the test performance framework.



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