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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 11, 2007


- testing on JSR269 support for code containing missing or bad types
- bug 212100
- inbox and newsgroups

- inbox tracking
- bug fixing and testing for M4
- M5 plan in progress

- bug fixing
- M4 testing

- API tooling:
  - workspace/project settings for problem severities
  - bug fixing
  - M5 planning
- bug fixing
- patch reviewing
- M4 testing
- OSGi R4.1 support (targeting at M5)
- "Open Plug-in Artifact" command

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- working towards 3.4 M4
- continued work on performance optimizations when accessing
  - big performance win on non-Java files with many annotations
- polished sticky hovers (code is ready but not surfaced for M4)
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing
- vacation

- working towards 3.4 M4
- added UI for new compiler option: 'Redundant super interfaces'
- new quick fix to remove unnecessary suppress warnings
- finished UI for fine grained search
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- annotation recovery will be released early M5
- fine-grained search tuning
- discussion about avoiding duplicate code in plugin fragments
  => missing support in PDE
- working on surfacing missing source types in compiler
- working on concurrent compiler support
- bug fixing
- verifying 3.4M4 bugs

User Assistance:
- recoded intro extension processing code to eliminate a race
- exploring use of SVF files within intro
- bug fixing and testing
- outreach: Gave presentation at Portland Eclipse Demo Camp
- UI Forms:
    - bug triage
    - looking into the problem with FormText segments being
      clipped when using the bold font (so far seems like an
      SWT issue)
    - looking into wrapping long really words in FormText
      that do not contain a natural break hint

- tests results verification:
  - 3.4 (build I20071210-0930):
    - some bad results on Windows boxes due to a system
    - still on 20071130-1648 baseline
  - 3.3.2: nothing new for M20071205-0800 (baseline

Rel. Eng.:
- preparing for M4
- fine tuning Ganglia install in lab
- bug fixing
- running test builds with M4 test candidate bundles

Platform UI:
- progress view:
  - performance improvement
  - group/keep improvements
- problems/tasks/bookmarks:
  - new view is the default now
  - performance improvements (thanks Markus)
  - polish
- Eclipsecon presentations
- commands:
  - applied community contributions
  - dynamic command support to be added in M5
  - menu contributuons for check enabled
  - added tests and examples
- product customization using XSLT:
  - finalizing tooling
- services framework:
  - prototype almost ready

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