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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 14, 2007

- The impact on JDT/Core perf tests implied by the fix done in
  Platform/Resource has been precisely measured.
  The complete results have been posted on bug
- performance tests results verification (still only on fingerprints):
  - 3.4: I20071113-0800
    - problem with Windows boxes: results are not usable
    - opened bug for minor regression on JDT/Debug test
  - 3.3: nothing new for M20071107-0800 (from database results)



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 Discussion Topic

- What are the guidelines for deciding which bug fixes should
  go into Eclipse 3.3.2? Do we need PMC approval?


- customer support
- newsgroups & inbox
- EclipseCon talk

- inbox tracking
- planning & bug fixing for M4
- investigation of chages that help to solve bugs 182537 and 109137
- discussion about bug 209167 in order to address performance
- further patcher fixes

JDT Core:
- integrating comment formatter
- investigating addition of -error: option for batch compiler
- making progress on enriching completion context
- discussion with Platform/Resources about performance regression
- making progress on concurrent compiler
- bug fixing
- planning for 3.4M4

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- introduced special color for write occurrences
- temporary problems are no longer washed out in the overview
- added access (context menu) to annotation preferences from
  the overview ruler
- started working on new API for faster access to annotations
- continued work for sticky hovers
- added template for 'final static'
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- worked on improved error status part
- commands conversion for workbench actions
- polish on new markers view
- TreeViewer performance improvements
- tidy up of r3.3 presentation
- 4.0 investigations

- working on improvements for mark occurrence and find
  occurrence view
- setting up an own performance testing server to track down a
  regression in the OrganizeImport performance test
- polishing the rename/move/delete resource wizards in LTK
- bug fixing

- bug fixing

- API Tooling:
  - support for extensible javadoc tags for API restrictions
  - support for API restrictions on members (methods, fields,
  - continued work on binary compatibility checking
  - updated wiki with use cases and M4 plan
  - more tests
- source packaging polish (support for schema file extraction)
- working on support for p2 self-hosting launch and bundle
- reviewing patches
- bug fixing & triage

User Assistance:
- started gathering requirements for Welcome for Eclipse 3.4,
  this is being tracked in Bug 209084
- did some profiling in response to a bug about memory use when
  building keyword index:
  - no leaks detected but we have some ideas for performance
    tests to add to track this down further
- starting to look at the contribution to allow the Infocenter
  webapp to be built into a war file
  - need to decide how to package this
- fixing a series of regressions in Context help which was
  introduced in Eclipse 3.3, some fixes is low but not zero
  - we are closing on the 100% stability and we have had a
    request to retrofit this to 3.3.2. Right now we don't feel
    confident that the fix is good for the maintenance stream

- p2 plan:
- p2 status:
- pde build:
  - investigation into building single source bundles
  - fixed one bug for 3.3.2 (199020)
- added new type of registry event listener
- continued review of security incubator contribution
- bug triage and fixing

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