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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 7, 2007


- Eric Moffatt is presenting at EclipseWorld


- testing
- EclipseCon talk
- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- new markers view replacing the old problems, bookmarks
  and tasks view
- M3 testing/bug fixing
- converting the workbench to use Commands
- presentation polish

JDT Core:
- 3.4 M3 verification
- bug triage
- vacations

- investigating Organize Imports regression
- performance tests results verification (still only on
  - 3.4: nothing new for 3.4M3
  - 3.3: nothing new for M20071102-0800

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- shipped 3.4 M3
- 3.4 M4 planning
- improved template sorting and availability
- investigated fix for washed out overview ruler colors
- fixed missing tearDown() code in our tests so that less
  memory is kept during the run and our leak test suite
  can be run together with them
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

- M3 testing and bug verification
- M4 planing
- bug fixing

- 3.4 M3 testing and verification
- have been investigating running JUnit4 tests with
  the Eclipse Test Framework:
  - bug 153429
  - comments are appreciated
- work on the registry notification mechanism (bug 206936)
- continued review of the security incubator contribution
- p2 provisioning:
  - delivered M3, we can now update to I-Builds
  - 1.0 feature sheet is available:
- bug triage and fixing

- attended monthly DSDP meeting
- submitted debug tutorial proposals to EclipseCon
- M3 test pass
- bug fixing

- API Tooling:
  - continued work on reference extraction and tests
  - continued work on delta creation and tests
  - moved development work to HEAD, updated wiki
- working on p2 taget provisioner
- polishing support for source packaging per bundle
- started "quick plug-in search" for extensions
  (similar to "open type")
- M3 test pass
- bug fixing

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