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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 31, 2007

Workspace team:
 - M3 bug fixing
 - M3 testing and bug veryfying
 - inbox tracking

Szymon Brandys

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[ Boo! ]


JDT APT team:
 - bug fixing
 - inbox & newsgroups
 - build-only processors

Rel. Eng.:
- release
- 3.4M3 planning
- releng build schedule is now available as a Google calendar see:
- test builds for new hpux-motif-ia64_32 SDK  and provisioning build

Platform UI:
- looking into dynamic plugin (un)loading issues relating
  to the Commands/Handlers/menus.
- finishing up work on the new layout
- markers view polish
- general maintenance
- commands conversions in the workbench

JDT Core:
- started exploring options per source folder
- code completion after instanceof released
- annotation in the Java model released
- investigating enriching completion context
- performance regression due to Platform change
- bug fixing
- verifying 3.4M3 bugs

- continued review of security incubator contribution
- released disabled concept from security incubator (bug 207360)
- released new launcher for hp-ux
- p2 plan and status:
- M3 testing
- bug triage and fixing

- line numbers in text search and multiple matches on the same line
- call hierarchy improvements (works on more targets)
- updated ASTView and JavaElement View to latest APIs
- testing
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- continued work for sticky hovers
- improved code assist after 'instanceof' (together with JDT Core)
- added code assist support for static members of types with
  missing import (together with JDT Core)
- converted all our resizable dialogs to use Dialog.isResizable()
- working towards 3.4 M3: testing, compiling New and Noteworthy, ...
- reviewed and committed several contributed patches:
  - highlight numbers in code
  - toggle comment in Properties File editor
  - fix for wrong DnD feedback
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- command for the 'Help Index' menu item created. The command
  not added to the Eclipse SDK Help menu (we have no help index
  content) but RCPs and products can easily do it.
- looking at the recent issues with infocenters running out
  of memory
- writing JUnit tests for the content filtering in context
  help support in order to flush out issues with IContext
  objects occasionally losing children while copying
- milestone testing

- bug fixing
- M3 test pass

- started work on target provisioning support for p2
- API Tooling:
  - Updated wiki -
  - Continued work on Reference extractor
  - Work on UI for setting up API profiles/baselines
  - Working on deltas and test suite for class file comparisons
- worked on performance issues around PDE container, doing final
- extension point refactoring support
- reviewed patches for log view: filtering & session support
- support for stop/start & enable/disable bundles in Plug-in
  Registry view
- enhanced plug-in spy to display help context ids
- bug fixing & M3 test pass

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