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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 17, 2007


- Jeff returns from Eclipse Summit Europe


Platform UI:
- trim layout new work and maintenace
- 4.0 investigation
- new markers view polish
- general maintenance
- ltk integration
- XSLT tooling

JDT APT team:
- Bug 170692, timely removal of problems with APT
- inbox, newsgroups, & Bugzilla

JDT UI and Text:
- worked on sticky hovers / links inside Javadoc
- reviewed patches for new IAnnotation JavaElement and for
  Call Hierarchy
- double clicking a failed JUnit test now selects the
  failing call
- working with SWT on new StyledRange support
- moving resource move refactoring down to LTK refactoring
  so it can be used by Platform/IDE and other clients
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- access rules messages are no longer part of the build state
  (expect a full rebuild with this week's integration build)
- investigated performance of the "Initializing Java Tooling" job
- still working on fine grained search
- still working on adding annotations to the Java model
  (thanks to all who gave feedback)
- bug fixing

- 3.4 performance tests results for N20071015-0010:
  - need new baseline run (this should fix regression on
    JDT/UI "Organize Imports" test)
  - org.eclipse.core:
     - problem with "Core Headless Startup on one box:
       between -24% and -149% since the beginning
  - org.eclipse.jdt.core:
     - regression on indexing and some search tests
       between -1% and -8% (not confirmed by local
       results => wait for next results)
  - org.eclipse.jdt.text:
     - opened bug
       for regression on "Activate 30 Java Editor" test
     - "Undo in text editor" looks suspicious: this test is now
       frankly negative on all boxes and since several builds.
       However, as the standard error is really big (around 20%),
       it's difficult to be 100% sure that there's real a
  - org.eclipse.osgi:
     - problem with "State Resolution" test on all boxes: was +20%
       better in M1, but it is now back between -15% and +2%
       - regression since M1 between (-35% and -18%)
  - org.eclipse.pde.ui:
     - opened bug
       for small regression on "Open Plug-in Editor: plugin.xml" test
  - org.eclipse.swt:
     - opened bug
       for small regression on Linux boxes for "Layout Composites" test
- plan to release on Friday fixes for bugs:
    - with improvements made for this bug, the time to generate the
      performance results HTML pages should be downsized from 2 hours
      to less than 10 minutes!

Rel. Eng.:
- running test builds for new builder with M2 plugins + new
  pde build + old pde.core
- test builds for adding equinox security bundles, new test plugins,
  new example plugins
- installing ganglia on lab machines for network monitoring purposes
- bug fixing

- continued review of incubator security contribution
- looking at graduation of some of the Prosyst contributed bundles
  from the incubator
- looking at 2 launcher bugs and 1 pde/build bug for 3.3.1
  maintenance stream
- orbit:
  - releasing new bundles and getting ready for M3
- junit 4 work:
  - looking at integration into the releng automated tests
- p2:
  - working towards milestone.
  - status:

- API Tooling:
  - continued work on "API" model and class file stub generation
  - reviewed/experimented with AUS (API usage scanner) from alpha
    works site
- working on support to group entries in the log view by session
- working on performance issue with PDE classpath container
  (bug 205888)
- contiuned work on packaging source on a per bundle basis
- bug fixing/triage/patch reviewing

- added support for ${ee.home} variable in execution environment
  description files
- reviewed/released contribution for displaying launch
  configurations in Java search results (references to main
  type name)

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