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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 10, 2007

Another discussion topic from JDT/Core:

- Should the version of the Javadoc tool match the compliance of each
project ?

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 Discussion Topic

- What should be the threshold for warning about a performance regression
  (assuming it's confirmed on all test boxes or using history):
  - same as for the red cross in Scenario Status Table (e.g. -10%),
    as soon as it is over the standard error,...?
- What tests should be verified:
  - all or only fingerprints?


- work on bug 170692 (selectively disable processing during reconcile)
- 3.4 planning

Platform UI:
- M2 testing/bug fixing
- Converting workbench to commands
- markers view rework

- working on 3.4 performance results tests weekly verification:
  - manual transfer of performance database in SNZ OK
  - noticeable regressions in N20071004-0010 (only fingerprints):
    -> org.eclipse.jdt.text (only 1 box):
       - "Activate 30 Java Editor":
         - between -13% and -22% since the beginning
       - may be other troubles but it's currently hard to say with
         only one box!
    -> org.eclipse.jdt.ui:
       - "Organize Imports":
         - between -96% and -175% since the beginning (M1: -100%, M2:
- preparing release of performance framework bugs fixes as commit rights
  have been validated:

JDT Core:
- new CamelCase API released
- optimizing build state's size by removing access rule's messages
- improved content assist for static members when import missing
- making progress on completion inside an instanceof if statement
- posted API proposal for annotations in the Java model
- bug fixing

- worked on sticky hovers
- moving resource rename refactoring down to LTK refactoring so it
  can be used by Platform/IDE and other clients
- 'format changed regions' on save
- fixed a problem that let the Open Type dialog lose history entries
- bug fixing

- review of security incubator code (JAAS bundle adoption)
- extension registry event notifications
- review of Prosyst contributions
- refactor OSGi console
- removed static linking from launcher (run without WS)
- launcher fix for 3.3.2
- p2 status:
- renamed p2 bundles
- bug triage
- bug fixing
- vacation + Canadian Thanksgiving

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- reworked Platform Text's annotation painting in order to use
  new SWT text styles instead of custom draw
- tested new SWT text styles and reported bugs and enhancement
- added rename participant for NLS property keys in Java editor
- added some new templates:
  - arrayadd -- add an element to an array
  - arraymerge -- merge two arrays into one
- started IP process for new Templates view
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

- started work to handle source packaging for individual bundles
  (i.e. one source bundle per binary bundle - bug 202462)
- more progress generating class file stubs and model for API tooling
- bug tracking & triage

- released new extension point for contributing wizard page for
  editing installed JRE
- released (re-worked) API for installed JREs created from execution
  environment description files
- bug fixing

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