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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Sept 26, 2007

[ Sorry this is so late. There was a bit of a crisis at home. ]


- 3.4 M2 Test/Fix pass
- re-working API/User interface for execution environment
  description file support to avoid breaking API change:
  - new API will allow clients to contribute a wizard page
    for creating/editing installed JREs
  - see bug 201758 for details
- contributed "import quick fix" to PDE (bug 88204)

- Equinox Summit Tuesday and Wednesday:
- delivered Eclipse 3.4 M2
- delivered Equinox Provisioning (p2) Milestone 2
- continued investigation into security contribution
- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- shipped 3.4 M2 (testing, bug verification, N&N,....)
- 3.4 M3 planning
- rewrote parameter guesser to improve its performance
- added 'Copy Qualified Name' to Java editor context menu
- reviewed and commented various patches from external
  - nothing committed yet
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- 3.4M2 bugs verification
- investigated and suggested changes in JDT/Text to improve
  parameter guesser's performance
- bug fixing
- bug triage
- team process discussions (see JDT/Core Committer FAQ)
- new committer accepted (Welcome to the team, Eric !)

- 3.4 M2 testing
- bug verification
- added leak tests for Java editor (running command,
  opening context menu)
- working on sticky javadoc hovers
- deploy java application as executable jar
- bug fixing

- Bug fixing, testing for M2

User Assistance:
- Bug fixing and testing
- TOCSs whose order is not specified in HELP DATA are now
  sorted alphabetically (Bug 195144)
- Starting to work on adding a "Show Inded" command which
  could be added to the help menu.

Rel. Eng.:
- 3.3.1 endgame:
  - M20070921-1145 delivered to Europa
- 3.4M2 released
- testing for replacement for rsh on windows in test framework
- test builds for provisioning zips in releng build
- evaluating/testing network and cpu monitoring software for
  our lab to reduce the number of hardware and network glitches
  and increase productivity

 - shipped 3.3.1 and 3.4M2
 - testing & bug fixing

- 3.4 M2 done
- plan for 3.4 M3
- 3.4 M3 fixing
- inbox tracking
- patcher problems investigating --> [199846]
- content types issues investigating --> [194935]

Platform UI:
- 3.3.1
- M2
- 4.0 planning
- new markers view polish
- porting workbench to commands

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