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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Sept 12, 2007


- 3.3.1 Test Pass - no more fixes planned
- bug fixing
- expose Java launch shortcuts as API (bug 54072)
- support to remove launch config from launch history with
  Ctrl-Shift-Click (bug 198785)

JDT Core:
- 3.3.1 test pass
- added an option that allows @throws javadoc entries to defuse
  the unused declared thrown exception check
- 3.4 plan updated
- posted JDT Core committer FAQ
- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- 3.3.1 testing
  - no further fix was provided
- investigated bug and prepared fix regarding APT problem
  presentation and Quick Fix:
- added support for parameter hints for abstract constructors
- discussed 3.4 wish list with JDT Core
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

- 3.3.1 testing and 3.3.1 bugs investigations
- working on extension point for 'add library' quick fix (bug 196141)
- make 'Add unimplemented methods' multi-quickfixable (bug 56946)
- code review for 69581 [templates] Template view
- clean up bug fixing and code clean up

- PluginSpy is in today's integration build
- DND support wrapped up
- DND support used in 'Required Plug-ins', 'Classpaths' and
  'Automated management of dependencies' sections in the
  manifest editor
- 3.3.1 testing
- bug triage, fixes
- reviewing patches for Bug day

User Assistance:
- article about help system published
- TOC synchronizer is in and JUnit tests have been added
  - if the button is selected, following pages in the content area
    will cause the TOC to synchronize
- UA Wiki area added
- added support for sharing gradient images in section and form
  headers (helps to reduce the number of image handles and dynamic
  memory footprint)

Equinox Runtime:
- added support to match Bundle-NativeCode at resolve-time
  - bug 165964
- added ProSyst bundles to the Equinox Incubator build
- released new ICU (with timezone updates) into Orbit for
  Platform 3.3.1 build
- 3.3.1 testing
- bug triage
- bug fixing

Equinox Provisioning:
- working towards M2 milestone
- Provisioning work now named "p2"
- current status is here:

Rel. Eng.:
- troubleshooting lab woes
- investigating network monitoring tools for our lab infrastructure
- investigating how to change test framework to make it more robust
- 3.3.1 endgame
- add new Prosyst bundles to equinox incubator builds
- update Equinox Provisioning build scripts
- recovering from vacation :-)

- 3.3.1 testing
- inbox tracking
- 3.4 M2 bug fixing and testing

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