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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 13, 2007

 Discussion Topic

Rel. Eng.:
- Bug 192180 Welcome page overview tagline is obsolete


JDT APT status:
 - doc tweaks for RC4
 - investigating 3.2 perf issues reported by users

- getting ready for 3.3
- legal file verification
- doc

User Assistance:
- fixing two broken APIs
- wrapping up RC4
- inbox triage, scheduling fixes for 3.3.1
- a few doc changes released for the Web build

- a few RC4 bug fixes

- fixing minor broken APIs and contributing documentation for RC4
- a few more doc changes this week

Rel. Eng.:
- released RC3 to Europa
- RC4 builds
- documentation fixes
- released RC4 plugins to basebuilder, ran test build for
  upcoming doc build(s)

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