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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - May 8, 2007


Platform UI
  - bug fixing

- M7 tesing and validation
- PDE/Build:
  - some polish items
- launcher:
  - bug fixing and Solaris work
- performance work
- provisioning:
  - back to work on new provisioning story after slight
    pause for M7 work
  - more details and progress update to follow on
    mailing list
- Orbit:
  - ip log work and investigating source bundle story
- sent M7 "go" email with subliminal message... and no-one
  picked up on it :-)
- bug fixing
- documentation

- M7 testing
- bug triage
- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- shipped 3.3 M7
- bug triage of all bugs targeted for 3.3
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

- 3.3 M7
- bug fixing
- bug reviewing
- inbox tracking

Rel. Eng.:
- 3.3M7. Best. Milestone. Ever.:
  - actually it was just much less stressful than M6 so
    that's all good :-)
- tested new builder based on 3.3M7 and tagged as M7_33:
- investigating problems with performance tests. Baselines
  have quite a few errors:
  - I'll open bugs against the team with failures
  - also, the results are not being generated automatically
    because of problems with the baselines
- updated release checklist:

- working towards delivery of 3.3 M7
- bug triage and identification of bugs to address in RC1
- starting to work on RC1 bugs
- removed Team FTP/WebDAV feature from the 3.3 builds

User Assistance:
- M7 wrap up.
- we resolved the problem of Help not coming up on Win2003
  EE Server with SP1
- continuing with bug fixes

- fixed the problem where the manifest builder was being
  overzealous (on the polish list)
- continued profiling of the performance test cases
- closed off some image and color leaks
- M7 wrap up
- bug fixing

- bug fixes

- M7
- testing
- working on rounding out and stabilizing the annotation
  processing functionality in the IDE

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