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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 12, 2006

JDT Core:
- RC1 validation
- RC2 bug fixing

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- fixing polish items
- bugfixing
- discussions about and updating of .classpath (bug 136146)
- easter vacation

Platform/JDT Text:
- continued with performance work
- lots of bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking
- discussions about and updating of .classpath (bug 136146)
- Easter vacation

- bug fixing for RC2
- bug triage

- performance work for opening the Ant editor and opening the Ant
  launch configuration in the launch configuration dialog
  - some minimal progress making tweaks in Ant land. Working with
    other teams to figure out more
- moved to NLS.bind so 2 plugins are not dependant on ICU4J
- 1 regression bug fixed for RC2

- replaced Sun mirror API binaries with source code, so that all
  APT classes are correctly exported
- perf enhancements
- bug fixing

- bug fixing & triage
- replaced remaining wizard banners with PNGs
- .classpath discussions
  - JRE container with execution environment will be backwards compatible
    with 3.1 format
  - build paths will need to be updated during RC2 to reflect new format
    (wait for broadcast)

- bug triage
- bug fixing
- RC1
- new baby stuff

- Pack200 and digest support is in:
  - we now have to make the utility that produces these files available
    for and Callisto update sites.
- bug fixes

- bug fixes:
  - main focus: execution environment and PDE editors

User Assistance:
- bug fixes
- documentation

Platform UI:
- general:
  - congratulations to Boris and Petra:
    - on their new baby "Konstantin"
  - applying Platform patches for ICU4J
  - received ICU3.4.4 and awaiting approval to put in build
  - performance work:
    - making performance tests run in reasonable times
    - investigating performance failures
  - resolve issue with multiple animating message areas in wizards
  - implement vertical support for progress bar (drag to left and right
    in trim)
- bug fixing/investigation:
  - 135648 [Trim] Need API to lock all trim
  - 135650 [Trim] Contributed trim needs to know which workbench window
    it's in
  - 128455 [Presentation] [ViewBar] Outline view toolbar is visible above
    a ...
  - 135535 [KeyBindings] Key bindings lost in the Java editor
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