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RE: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 12, 2006

- cleanup help files
- perf improvements
   - improve time for fetching types
- adding tests
- cleanup of our preferences dialog
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Subject: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 12, 2006


Platform/JDT Text:
- all polish items that we can do for 3.2 are done
- switched to use ICU classes (thanks for the patches)
- performance work
  - reduced AST creation
  - reduced updating of marker ruler actions
- lots of bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking

- extract Superclass polish
- refactoring Scripting UI polish
- fixed JUnit view to use separate Table and Tree widgets again for
  flat/hierarchical modes
- working on JUnit4 support
- cleaned up refactoring menu ordering
- bug fixing and performance improvements for text search
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- performance work: faster reconciling of large editor contents
- CamelCase semantics got improved to accept "NuPoEx" to match
  "NullPointerException" (thanks to Luiz-Ot├ívio Zorzella)
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- delivered M6 performance results
- testing jar signing process
- removed solaris-motif-sparc builds from builds:
- implemented M6 plugins in basebuilder:
- provided M6 update jars to callisto
- M6 testing, source builds, delta pack etc.
- requested two new test machines for testing on Sun 1.5 VMs ETA post RC1
- We'll be working with JDT-UI to incorporate JUnit 4 into the builds
- 3.2 endgame schedule released:
- all teams are reminded to tag their projects for the 8am EST
  Wednesday I-build toward RC1

- major bug triage
- bug fixing
- gather requirements for 3.3 and future OSGi release
- 1 baby delivery

- more work with pack200
- JAR signing

- bug fixing
- triage
- polish items:
  - undo/redo support in Display view, Snippet Editor, Variables view
    detail area
  - added "instance id" column to variables view
  - support to edit multiple archives at once (javadoc, source
    attachments) in JRE dialog
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