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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 29, 2006

 Discussion Topics

- We need to ensure that all plug-ins which are part of the RCP are
  dynamic (enabled and aware).

- Update site digest work will spill over M6, but performance numbers
  are too good to ignore, particularly for Callisto.


JDT Core:
- EclipseCon
- performance work:
  - released more accurate performance tests
  - compiler now sorts methods and fields to allow binary search
  - reuse classfile/constant pool objects during codegen
- addressed Chris Laffra's original issues (EclipseCon) with
  redundant file reads on project import
- Types, fields and methods annotated with the @Deprecated
  annotation are now rendered as deprecated in the Outline view.
- tuning method override semantics
- bug fixing

- finished Extract Supertype
- replace JAR file now works with source attachments as well
- polish of Fix Deprecation
  - added configure action
  - made it work in required projects
- simplifying code for Java build path page
- changed doc.isv build scripts to use a single
  platformOptions.txt / jdtOption.txt for all platforms
- fixed extract local variable to introduce block if required
- bug Fixing
- EclipseCon

Rel. Eng.:
- 3.2M6
- Kim gave a talk at EclipseCon:
- compile logs delivered in html and xml format. Many thanks to Olivier
  Thomann (JDT Core) for support and patches
- build optimization work is done.  Many thanks to Pascal Rapicault and
  Andrew Niefer for PDE Build bug fixes
- JDT APT javadoc added to org.eclipse.jdt.doc.isv. javadoc options file
  simplification thanks to Markus Keller
- preparing for "pack, unpack, sign, pack"
- build lab maintenance and network troubleshooting
- Netbeans girls commit to making a splash:
- arranged for M5a 2007 with EMF team at EclipseCon over beers

- EclipseCon
- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- general:
  - data binding framework refactoring released
  - attending EclipseCon
  - discussions with the SWT and BEA folks regarding their Dnd issues
  - released required field indicators for some dialogs for community
  - added perspective description in prompts for switching perspective
    to give more context for 'why' would you want to do this, worked with
    CVS, Debug, PDE and JDT to integrate this support
- bug fixing:
  - bug 132678 - Contributed Trim is not sited correctly
  - bug 132731 - Move deprecated API back to 'internal'
  - bug 127929 - [DnD] Change Preferences option for draggable trim
    should be removed in M5
  - bug 132754 - [DetachedViews] Open "detached" view in another
  - fixed floating toolbar in maximized editor
  - fixed the issues with contributed trim not appearing in the correct
    area (bug 132678)
- logical model support:
  - API and implementation for bug 112225 (Need consistent save
    lifecycle when multiple parts share the same model)
- performance:
  - ongoing performance work
  - fixed memory leak in new menu extension
- RCP:
  - undo bug introduced by RCP toolbar changes causing loss of toolbar
    wrapping in views
- Tests:
  - modified the Trim tests to throw failures if the IWorkbenchWindow
    is -not- a WorkbenchWindow because the tests require 'internal'

- EclipseCon
- bug fixing in preparation for M6
- M6 testing

- implemented creation of markers from javac builds
- performance work on the perm gen leak(s)
- working on resource mapping and migration delegate for Ant launch
- added namespace support for Ant tasks and types declaration extension
- EclipseCon

- Ikuo Yamasaki from NTT Japan has joined the Equinox team as a visiting
- EclipseCon
- lots of Runtime bug sorting...and more to come!
- M6
- investigation on Pack200
- performance investigation

Platform/JDT Text:
- eclipseCon
- working towards 3.2 M6
- performance work
- lots of bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking
- vacation

- had packed Eclipsecon PDE tutorials
- added quick fixes and quick assist with light bulbs for source pages
  in PDE manifest editors
- added automated management of dependencies based on your code

User Assistance:
- had good Eclipsecon UI Forms and User assistance tutorials
- composite cheat sheet feature-complete
  - moving into the maintenance mode
- linkability feature-complete
  - moving into maintenance mode
- universal welcome finished

- work on the Update site digests near completion and shows impressive
  numbers (drastic reduction of search and browsing times for large
  sites e.g. Callisto)
  - without digest:
      total feature sizes > 2.2MB; time > 24s; # of connections: 96
  - with digest:
      digest size < 10KB; time < 0.3s; # of connection: 1

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