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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 22, 2006

[ EclipseCon took its toll on this week's status message. Here's what I got. (There will be no call this week either.) ]


Platform/JDT Text:
- attending eclipseCon, giving a text tutorial:
- improved support for categories (@category)
  - improved label rendering
  - category filtering in Members view, Outline view and Quick Outline
    (thanks to Benno)
- lots of bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking

Platform UI:
- general:
  - EclipseCon preparations
  - Properties page enablement features
  - animated message area for errors, warnings, and information points
    in dialogs and in the preferences dialog
  - PDE templates for Import Wizards, Decorations and working
    on perspective extensions
- bug fixing:
  - bug 129591 [Contributions] Create a two-way proxy for the workbench
    window menu manager
- commands:
  - bug 129591 [Contributions] Create a two-way proxy for the
    workbench window...
  - continued linking up the actionSet extension with the new menu
- flexible workspaces:
  - bug fixing
- ICU4J:
  - help ICU team get setup for making patches
  - started receiving patches to migrate SDK
- JFace:
  - working on using decorations in find/replace dialog patch
- performance:
  - profile startup and shutdown,
  - check for unnecessary I/O
  - working on a whine list of performance issues
  - investigating resize tests degradation
  - work on problems view
  - test improvments
- problems view:
  - see performance
- tests:
  - see performance

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