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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 1, 2006

Rel. Eng:


-investigating optimatizations in build process to reduce overall build time
-discussions re:  Callisto update site with Platform Core
-helping other projects with update sites, use of qualifiers
-EclipseCon preparation
-bug triage, fixing
-build lab maintenance

Mike Wilson/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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02/28/2006 03:17 PM

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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 1, 2006


Discussion Topic


Platform/JDT Text:

- do we want/need a 'polish' dynamic team like we had one for 3.1?



Platform/JDT Text:

- fixed save operation's handling of characters that cannot be mapped

 using the given encoding

- continued with quick assist support

- collected polish items

- eclipseCon tutorial preparation (in progress)

- bug fixing

- bugzilla inbox tracking


- preview in Clean Up wizard

- new Clean Ups:

 - qualify static and non-static method accesses

 - remove 'this' qualifier for non-static field and method accesses

 - make 'final' where possible (private fields, parameters, local


- new Quick Assist:

 - change modifiers of variable to final

- experimenting on decorators on CU /classfile if class or interface is

 in file

- released wizard to automatically fix deprecations

- added ability to perform supertype analysis to Pull Up refactoring

- enabled AST recovery for refactorings affecting only 1 file:

 - allows refactorings in files with syntax errors

 - please watch out for problems and file bugs

- Java search: added filter for potential matches

- investigated memory leaks

- UI polishing

- bug fixing

- EclipseCon preparation

- released equals & hashCode patch for core._expression_


- bug fixing

- M6 Planning:

 - posted draft plans for debug platform and jdt debug

- investigating performance test failures:

 - discovered the toString() computation is not slower, but the test i

   now measuring more updates

- added "fitlered tree" support in launch dialog

- attended DSDP meeting:

 - gave progress report on enhanced debug platform, received feedback

   from early adopters


- grouping by date in history view

- working with adopters of EFS file systems

- EclipseCon, Eclipse in Motion prep

JDT Core:

- M6 planning

- improving null reference analysis (recognize more patterns)

- for 1.5 targets (or when toggling preference for Inlining
 Finally Blocks), the compiler is inlining finally blocks at
 every exit point inside a try statement. With fix for bug
 128705, the inlining got smarter, and identical exit point
 are now sharing the same inlined finally block (to be truly
 identical, exit points must denote the same break/continue
 label, or be return from void method, or return the same
 constant or null value.

- fix for bug 127628 required the index version to be incremented.
 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent
 search queries (accounting for indexing notification in
 search progress dialogs).

- bug fixing

Platform UI:

- general:

 - properties view enhancements

 - high contrast features

 - ICU4J: scheduled integration of ICU v3.4.3, replacement plugin

 - update field assist support and example to support latest proposed


 - API reviews

 - look into editor lifecycle support for the common navigator

 - preparation for EclipseCon

 - UI polish

- commands:

 - performance work on handlers (Bug 126901)

- common navigator:

 - discussed M6 plan and API changes with Michael Elder

- JFace:

 - proposal to push field assist policy into JFace API

- logical model support:

 - continued working on save lifecycle support

- performance:
 - examining M5 results, identifying false positive results
   (e.g. some don't have 3.1 baseline results)


- added support for the new <?eclipse version="3.2?>:

 - this instruction is needed only for developers to take advantage of

   the extension namespace support

 - new plug-in projects are generated with this instruction

- investigating performance of opening manifest editors and building the


- added support to reload the target platform directly from the target


- splash screen section of the product editor now allows the customization

 of an embedded startup progress bar/message

- Feature Import wizard revamped

- SDWest preparation

- bug fixing

User Assistance:

- work continues on dynamic content search issues (refiltering the

 search results)

- welcome:

 - Universal Welcome in today's build (using classic Eclipse theme)

 - work still ongoing

- cheat sheets:

 - flushing out composite cheat sheet flow of control

 - working on remaining composite cheat sheet work items

- linkability:

 - working on the link authoring utility (will be published on the

   UA home page)

 - started adding live help links in various places of the SDK


   - the links that open dialogs (most of them) critically depend on the

     ability to see the help window while in the modal dialog (bug 95478)

   - we have re-enabled the Help code that uses separate Display to show

     the Help window


- investigating the possibility of adding update site digest support to

 minimize downloading large number of feature JARs for site browsing and

 searching (to support Callisto downloads and searches)

- file handle or memory leak suspected in Update that prevents full

 Callisto download -- investigating

- bug triage
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