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[eclipse-dev] Provisional API guidelines

There was discussion last week about treatment of provisional APIs within the Eclipse project.  After several rounds of discussions, we have arrived at these guidelines on provisional APIs:

Note that these guidelines are intended only for the Eclipse top-level project that produces the Eclipse SDK, and are not targetted at other Eclipse Foundation projects.  The document is a bit long, so here is the capsule summary for what to do with provisional APIs at this point in the develoment of Eclipse 3.2 (after the API freeze):

 - All provisional APIs must be in internal packages (org.eclipse.<componentName>.internal.*).
 - All provisional API packages that are exported must be marked x-internal in the bundle manifest
 - Component teams can use the "internal.provisional" package naming convention if they want to separate provisional API from true internal code.  Whether this convention is used is entirely up to each component.
 - Adding "provisional" or "experimental" javadoc to code in an API package does not make it provisional.  If it is public and in an API package after the API freeze, it's API.

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