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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse 3.2 M5a

Hello Eclipse Community,

In the Eclipse 3.2 M5 build the Equinox team released a new feature to
allow bundles to contribute extension points to other namespaces.

We have since discovered that a small set of plug-in developers did not
follow the API specification as set forth in the Plug-in Manifest DTD since
Eclipse v1.0 and therefore they (and perhaps their customers) may be broken
when they upgrade to the 3.2 M5 build.

Although not required (Eclipse 3.2 M5 is fine!), we have agreed to spin
another build (M5a) to help these plug-in developers and their customers
ease their transition to the latest milestone.

In order to get this right, we need to synchronize the release of a new
runtime with new plug-in manifests for early adopters. To make this happen
we need plug-in developers in the SDK  who are using this new function to
let us know immediately by adding a comment to If, by some chance,
others in the community have already started using the new namespace
support, then please check the bug report for how to proceed.

Once we have coordinated the changes, we will ask the releng team to run a
new build.



The following bug reports provide context for interested parties:

Original feature request: - Bundles should be
able to contribute extension point to other namespaces

Bug tracking story going forward: - M5: Behavior change
when computing the ID of project natures

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