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Re: [equinox-dev] Re: [eclipse-dev] heads-up on the upcoming change in the Eclipse registry

We did mean to upgrade your development environment and not the target. The reason is that some PDE Build and UI "bugs" have been fixed to support proper development.
Therefore, to solve your standalone build problems you have to get a new version of pde build.


David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
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02/12/2006 02:38 AM

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[equinox-dev] Re: [eclipse-dev] heads-up on the upcoming change in        the Eclipse        registry

I thought I understood this when I first read it ... but have just discovered I did not. So ... am hoping to ask some clarifying questions, and get some specific help "migrating".

1. When you said upgrade development environment, I now see you literally meant upgrade development environment. (I'd assumed you meant "target", even though you did say development environment).

While the reasons why this is required is an interesting academic question, my urgent question is why do would our batch "builds" contain a compile error, after upgrading to pre-req the 02/07 base eclipse?

# 11 Feb 2006 18:23:15

# Eclipse Java Compiler 0.619, pre-3.2.0 milestone-3, Copyright IBM Corp 2000, 2005. All rights reserved.


1. ERROR in /shared/webtools/build-wtp-I/workdir/plugins/org.eclipse.wst.xml.core/src/org/eclipse/wst/xml/core/internal/commentelement/impl/

(at line 176)

       return fElement.getDeclaringExtension().getDeclaringPluginDescriptor();


The method getDeclaringPluginDescriptor() is undefined for the type IExtension

To fix these compile errors I assume we either have to
A. upgrade the PDE Builder that is part of the Eclipse releng basebuilder plugin? (which is a bit disturbing in general, but especially that there was no "warning" communicated about that), or
B. fix code to no longer use the deprecated method?

2. Assuming an appropriate response is B. to no longer use the deprecated method getDeclaringPluginDescriptor(), I have some specific use-cases to verify and request assistance for.

A. A number of our uses are for a pattern such as
String pluginId = extension.getDeclaringPluginDescriptor().getUniqueIdentifier();
    Can these be fixed with a simple change to  

                       String pluginId = extension.getNamespace(); ?

B. Another common pattern involves

         ClassLoader pluginLoader = extension.getDeclaringPluginDescriptor().getPluginClassLoader();

   While we might be able to replace some of these patterns, eventually, with bundle.loadClass(classname), I do not think we can in all cases.
   For example, I think in some cases, we really need the classloader, for example, to "give" it to Xerces framework so it knows what classloader to use.
   So, how can we now get the plugin's classloader?
    Is that equivalent to

Thanks in advance for your help,

Oleg Besedin <obesedin@xxxxxxxxxx>
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02/03/2006 02:20 PM

Please respond to
"General development mailing list of the Eclipse project." <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

equinox-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
[eclipse-dev] heads-up on the upcoming change in the Eclipse        registry

Please ignore this message unless one the following applies to your code:
  • your code is using IExtension.getDeclaringPluginDescriptor()  or IExtensionPoint.getDeclaringPluginDescriptor()
  • you adopted org.eclipse.equinox.registry.* interfaces introduced in M4

In M4 we refactored Eclipse registry in a stand-alone module. As a part of the process, new registry interfaces were created in the org.eclipse.equinox.registry package. Due to the complications in insuring backward compatibility, we are now forced to revert the package name (i.e., rename the org.eclipse.equinox.registry package to org.eclipse.core.runtime). However be reassured that all the new APIs and the facility to create your own registries have been kept around.  Further, the registry functionality is still in the new org.eclipse.equinox.registry bundle.

At present we are in the process of finalizing the changes and expect updated code to be available in the next I-build (February 7).

If your code is using IExtension.
getDeclaringPluginDescriptor()  or IExtensionPoint.getDeclaringPluginDescriptor():
  • Make sure you use the new I-build for the development. In the current build the error message "The method getDeclaringPluginDescriptor() is undefined" will show up. (In the next I-build PDE has been updated to address this issue)
  • Note that getDeclaringPluginDescriptor() methods are deprecated
  • The change does not affect binary backward compatibility

If you adopted
org.eclipse.equinox.registry.* methods introduced in M4:
  • Make sure you use the new I-build for the development
  • Load your code, notice the compilation errors
  • Reorganize your imports (imports will be changed from org.eclipse.equinox.registry.* to org.eclipse.core.runtime.*)
  • Done


Oleg Besedin
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