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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 1, 2006


- bug fixing
- EclipseCon preparation
- investigating support for debug model specified columns in tree viewers
- support for incremental updates in asynch tree viewer
- support to display Java thread groups in debug view (via view
  drop-down toggle)
- API to contribute pre-configured IVMInstall via new extension point
- API to allow debuggers to derive watch _expression_ from variable for
  "Create Watch _expression_..." action (see IWatchExpressionFactoryAdapter)
- enhanced consolePatternMatchListeners extension to support the use of
  string variable substitutions

- added option to deprecate generated delegates (and refactoring script)
  during refactoring
- cleaned up UI to create a refactoring script
- consolidated API of org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring
- prepared Pull Up refactoring to implement Extract Supertype
- Serial Version Clean Up
- added pre-delta notification support to the following refactorings:
  all rename, move, and copy cases, extract method, inline method
  and self encapsulate field.
- working on Java problem groups with Platform UI
- changed JDT UI to use AST statement recovery
- worked on new JUnit view - will go into next week's I-build
- explored suitability of new jface.fieldassist for applications in
- bugfixing

- new text search UI

JDT Core:
- added API org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.IVariableBinding#isParameter()
- added API BindingKey#toSignature() to transform a binding key into
  a resolved signature
- added marker attribute "categoryId" onto Java problem markers
- added API WorkingCopyOwner#newWorkingCopy(String,IClasspathEntry[],
  IProblemRequestor,IProgressMonitor) for editing compilation units
  outside the workspace
- consolidated statement recovery in Parser. Temporary option
- improving tagging of recovered DOM AST nodes
- added support for null reference analysis (no UI pref yet). Engaging
  more actions to better recognize typical programming patterns and
  reduce false hits (could also consider using annotations, but requires
  1.5 + custom libs on buildpath: e.g. @org.eclipse.annotations.Nullable)
- considering adding custom search patterns: e.g. search for synchronization
  on certain type instances or member usages.
- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- finished API for content assist sorting
- started to finalize APIs introduced in 3.2 (in progress)
- adopted new JDT Core API to create working copy for non-workspace
  *.java files
- provided feedback for field assist support from Platform UI (in progress)
- released new document undo manager based on operation history
  (refined patches from Platform UI)
- bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking
- 1 day absence due to relocation

Platform UI:
- general:
  - progress view polish
  - investigating ways for trim layout to behave more like SWT layout
  - prototyped multi-instance view labeling for Debug and Team
- API:
  - tweaked FilteredTree class; released as draft API
   (along with PatternFilter) into org.eclipse.ui.dialogs (bug 74795).
  - implementation and API to render Bidi files paths (and other strings
    with special semantic meaning) correctly (bug 119517).
  - bug 29840 [WorkbenchParts] Need API to get the zoomed state
    of a workbench page
  - considering Bug 40348 [ViewMgmt] PageBook does not support
    IPostSelectionProvider (was: JavaDoc & Declaration view and fast
    selection changes)
- builds:
  - working with runtime Core team and Sonia to define specifics of the build
    process for jarred plugins contributed by third parties - e.g. ICU4J
- Commands:
  - changed new Keys preference page to use a new subclass of FilteredTree
  - bug fixing
  - typed return values from commands
  - new parameterized commands for help
  - working on menu visibility and layout
  - started work on menu rendering
  - add IContext Service and deprecate IKeyBindingService
- JFace:
  - promoting use of field decorators in JDT
- logical model support:
  - developed example modeling RSM's save lifecycle issues
  - developed and released IDocument / IDocumentSource solution to save
    lifecycle issues (ongoing)
- problems view:
  - Problems view extension API
- RCP:
  - reviewed coolbar theming patch (bug 123257)

- support for using history pages in compares
- polishing up model synchronize
- API to support remote browsing and workspace population using EFS
- refining pre-delta validation

User Assistance:
- added filtering support to Intro XML and XHMTL implementations to match
  that in help
- a patch to add the help button to a number of dialogs is currently
  under review by the UI team
- added JUnit tests to test dynamic content in Intro
- work continues on the new shared Welcome implementation
- cheat sheets:
  - composite cheat sheets released into HEAD
  - implementing Memento-based state saving mechanism
  - taking a look at the APIs now
- linkability:
  - new commands added (showing preferences, Update dialogs, showing
    URLs in the browser)
  - more useful commands to come
  - added the ability to capture the return value:
    - this feature is employed in cheat sheets to pass the return value
      to the subsequent command as a parameter

- PDE source lookup plan item completed
- multiple locations can now be specified when defining a target
- work continues on XML structural compare (to be used for all PDE-based
  XML files)
- 2.1 compatibility removed (but migration tool is still in so that people
  can migrate to 3.0+ bundle-based world)
- bug fixes

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