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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Jan 18, 2006


- Committer Gathering in Ottawa, with Ward Cunningham and
  Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  - some good discussions and chance to meet other committers
  - lots of fun; thanks Ward and Bjorn


- refactoring:
  - released new refactoring 'Introduce Indirection'. Available on method
    invocations and declarations.
  - added scripting support for all JDT refactorings except reorg and
    generalize type
  - new actions in the 'Refactor' menu to create and apply a refactor
  - adapted LTK/Core to resource operation validation code in
    core.resources (pre delta notification)
  - converted the delete refactoring to issue a pre-delta
- code generation:
  - new wizard to create hashCode() and equals()
- preferences:
  - compliance can now be set to 6.0
  - UI for new compiler option 'Parameter assignment'
  - organize import preference page allows to set a separate on-demand
    import threshold for static imports
- package Explorer:
  - support inclusion filters when in hierarchical layout mode
    (see bug 65240)
- work with Platform/UI on problems view and on API to multi apply quick
  fixes (see bug 114754 & 114570)
- bug fixes:
  - serial version quick fix

- continued work to support SWT.VIRTUAL in async tree
- enhancements to launch dialog to better support filtering of configs
  from closed/deleted projects and specific types of launch configs:
  - requires downstream components to leverage new 'resource mapping'
    for launch configs
- attended DSDP project progress report meeting:
  - discussed possibility of deubg scopes to debug different apps side
    by side in different sets of debug views
- released API for:
  - retrieving system properties from VM installs - see IVMInstall3
  - breakpoint import and export operations
  - specializing debug instruction pointers:
    - see IInstructionPointerPresentation
- reworking debug view management support based on debug context manager
  (auto open/close of debug related views)
- bug fixing & triage

JDT Core:
- enhanced access restrictions to allow ignoring restricted
  types (if shadowing another one).
  @see IAccessRule#IGNORE_IF_BETTER
- released support for computing the stack map frames
  (requires a 6.0 VM to run). See bug 109980 for details
- TODO tasks are no longer user editable
- work in progress:
  - more robust DOM AST: to be integrated in next I-build
  - null reference analysis: to be integrated in next I-build
  - adding 1.5 source performance tests
  - enabling APT merge onto HEAD
- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- final 3.1.2 testing
- made DefaultJavaFoldingStructureProvider API (bug 66440)
- finished Live Annotate for the line number ruler (bug 114333)
- continued investigation of StyledText#setRedraw calls in the text
  viewers (bugs 117507 and 121049)
- fixed problems in MigrationHelper
- started to look at field assist support from Platform UI
- bug fixing
- bugzilla inbox tracking

Platform UI:
- general:
  - working on ICU4J wrapper plug-in integration
  - worked on preparing list of non-EPL source per Eclipse Foundation requests
  - FilteredTree, working on making this API
  - discussed affordances for cheat sheet saving/launching
  - 3.1.2 RC1 verification and testing
  - 'polish' for the Trim Dragging:
    - add temporary preferences option for testing
  - removed component framework
  - talking about various key issues
  - investigating splash features
  - writing doc/blogs
  - PopupDialog bugs fixes/investigation/tests
- bug fixing:
  - import/export, NL
  - DnD fixes for Mac and Fast view bars
- commands:
  - implemented simple service locator framework
  - working on menu layout computation
  - bug fixing (in particular, handlers)
  - typing of parameters
- flexible workspaces:
  - investigating multiple browse support options for field editors
- JFace:
  - Field assist - API issues, cleanup
  - misc. dialog framework issues - restore original size, bugs
- logical model support:
  - prototyped IDocument adapter for views/editors sharing same document
- undo/redo
  - API - GMF discussions
- working sets:
  - fixes and minor usability improvements

- incorporating local history into team history view
- operation validation API
- model-aware decoration in views
- investigating EFS performance
- investigating separate SSH2 plugin
- investigating work flows with projects nested in the file system
- 3.1.2 verification and testing

- added option to group plug-ins by location on the Target Platform
  preference page
- add a Preview functionality for target profiles.
- better EE classification of CDC JREs using new API from JDT/Debug
- New and cool non-linear source lookup in progress.
- XHTML convertion utility available in today's I build under
  'PDE Tools' submenu
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- some work done for mixed remote and local help. Due to the issues
  discovered, it is likely to be deferred post 3.2
- dialog tray support is complete in today's I build
- work in progress on Intro redesign
- cheat sheets:
  - command support and better recognition of success done for cheat sheets
  - making an API cleanup pass
- adding as many commands to support for linkability as possible
- support added for command execution in intro and cheat sheets
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- tested and incorporated fix for
  into builder
- tested and implemented new test setup scripts
  - backported for 3.1 performance testing
  - will run 3.2M4 tests using this new mechanism
- plan to incorporate APT plug-ins and tests into build this week
- investigating callisto update site
- investigating jar signing procedure and process
- investigating process which fetches and packages pre-built plug-ins
  and features into the eclipse SDK
- investigating automated build of RCP applications
- preparations for eclipseCon 2006

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