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RE: [eclipse-dev] Access Restrictions - The Conclusion

Thanks Walter.

The syntax was intentionally left out of the article, because
it is an implementation detail.

Plus, I'm a tooling guy and my job is to promote using table viewers and
radio buttons, instead of taking an in-depth look at the source page :-)

Having said that, a modified version of the article will appear in the PDE
3.1 documentation.
Written in the first person from the point of view of a compiler :-), the
modified version will include a cross-reference to the Platform Plug-in
Developer Guide where the runtime team discusses the related

On a somewhat related note, throughout the day, I had more people enquire
about the Dennis Rodman reference than about the article itself :-)  So let
me clarify this too:

In the spring of 1997, Dennis Rodman, a basketball player, published his
autobiography entitled 'Bad as I Wanna Be'.

'Restrictive as You Wanna Be' as a title for the article was a lame pop
culture reference to it.


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Wassim wrote:
> In an effort to close on this issue, I have written a document [...]

Thanks, Wassim; it looks good (and we are using it on our project, and
it is meeting our needs).

If you aren't totally burnt out on it yet :-) something that might
improve this document even further would be to also mention the syntax that is generated by each of the options you mention.

  -Walter Harley
   BEA Systems, Inc.
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