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[eclipse-dev] Re: [platform-ui-dev] Re: Eclipse shell images, and various branding graphics.

Good questions:

First let me describe why we are doing this.  The desire was to use alpha in shell images where platforms support it to improve the quality.  

Due to the following bug, we are as yet unable to use an ".ico" file containing both alpha and non-alpha images.  See bug: 99253 Alpha information lost from .ico files.  (  The next best alternative was to pass both ".gif" and ".png" images to SWT and SWT will pick up the best image (in this case the ".png") for the platform.

So the recommended branding is as follows:

1) If you do not care about alpha or have existing ".gif" files that you are happy with then no change is required.  Provide them as you always did.
2) If you want to take advantage of alpha in shell images then in your product description provide two versions of each image (e.g. 16x16, 32x32, 48x48) one ".gif" and one ".png".  Png files support alpha, ".gif"s do not.
3) DO NOT use ".ico" with alpha and non-alpha images packaged together when providing these images through the "org.eclipse.core.runtime.products" extension point or when using the SWT API "Decorations.setImages(Image[] images)" as noted in the but 99253 above.

So for example, this is the Eclipse Platform product description now, note the line with "windowImages" provides two copies of each image:

    <extension id="ide" point="org.eclipse.core.runtime.products">
      <product name="%productName" application="org.eclipse.ui.ide.workbench" description="%productBlurb">
          <property name="windowImages" value="eclipse.gif,eclipse32.gif,eclipse48.gif,eclipse.png,eclipse32.png,eclipse48.png"/>
          <property name="aboutImage" value="eclipse_lg.gif"/>
          <property name="aboutText" value="%productBlurb"/>
          <property name="appName" value="Eclipse"/>
          <property name="preferenceCustomization" value="plugin_customization.ini"/>

I hope this answers the question.


Wendy Fischer <erpdesigner@xxxxxxxxx>
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06/10/2005 02:20 AM

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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Re: Eclipse shell images,        and various branding graphics.

so what is the final recommended branding? How does this effect the overall look and feel of the icons in the SDK?  Should plugin developers also explore the use of ICO or PNG's and get away from the use of GIF images?
why the move from gif to ICO?
-Wendy Fischer
Michael Van Meekeren <Michael_Van_Meekeren@xxxxxxxxxx>

As of tonight the proposed final images have been put into the org.eclipse.platform and org.eclipse.sdk projects.  I need some help from owners of various features (JDT, PDE, RCP, and source features) to update the feature image used.

Here is the set of features that I found using eclipse32.gif that need to be updated.  The easiest way to do this would be to checkout org.eclipse.platform from HEAD and take the eclipse32.gif from there or contact me.


Michael Van Meekeren/Ottawa/IBM

06/08/2005 11:59 AM

platform-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Eclipse shell images, and various branding graphics.


You will notice a few new branding graphics in the builds as of 2005/06/08.

The Eclipse shell icon has been updated for the org.eclipse.platform and org.eclipse.sdk products to use an ".ico" file instead of ".gif".

The other images provided by the feature have been converted to ".png" format.

A 16x16 image (eclipse16.???) as well as other sizes will be provided in the appropriate graphics format for use in menus etc... on all platforms.  NOTE: we are still investigating the possibilities in SWT of using ".png" on all platforms before declaring this final.

All projects which might have been using a copy of the eclipse images should be aware of this change and pleas e standby for more information.

NOTE: we hope to have the final version of these files in for 3.1 RC2.


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