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Re: [eclipse-dev] An error has occurred...

Oracle will append it's jdk/bin directory to system path, so when you start eclipse, it use the old version jdk coming with oracle.
You can just remove that jdk from system environment variable: path.



>Hi all,
>    I installed Eclipse 3.0.2 onto Windows XP and it worked fine.  I 
>installed Quantum DB and it looked good.  I realized I had no client libs, 
>so I installed Oracle 9.0 client libs and now when I launch eclipse I get:
>Popup Title:  Eclipse
>Message:  "An error has occured.  See the log file c:\Program"
>Obviously the message text is choking on the space in the path... just to be 
>sure I looked for a log file called "c:\program" and no such luck.
>Any ideas?
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