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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes -May 11, 2005

Platform UI
        - bug triage
        - bug fixing (approx 80 fixed)
        - NL + BIDI issues investigated/fixed
        - undo/redo api cleanup
        - linux Ctrl+e editor dropdown slow when moving mouse over it
        - more comprehensive preference page keywords
        - add support in wizards for pages that can finish right away (e.g. allows new untitled file to move to the new wizard)
        - preference/properties dialog work

Mike Wilson/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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05/10/2005 03:04 PM

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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes -May 11, 2005

Discussion Topics



- participated in Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) meeting
 - representation from Wind River, QNX, IBM, ATI, TI and Intel
 - discussion of issues pertaining to debuggers for embedded targets
 - focussed on building a list of new requirements for the debug platform
   to support the DSDP
- bug fixing

- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- performance:
 - investigated to reduce the number of StyleRange object creation
   ==> we have some ideas that will be implemented in RC1
 - investigating computing more precise AnnotationModelEvents in
   CompilationUnitAnnotationModel [in progress]
 - profiled open CU editor with folding and found one low hanging
   fruit: the presentation is computed twice [fix targeted for 3.1 RC1]
- move/copy line action now correctly ends the compound change
- changed collapsible JDT Text preference pages back to tab-style
- working towards 3.1 M7
 - submitted test items for Test Pass One
 - submitted new and noteworthy items
 - testing
- bug fixing
- bug inbox tracking
- public holiday
- vacation

- rotating log file
- project specific content types
- bug fixing
- polish for M7

- support of array types in infer type arguments
- rename method can now also rename annotation elements
- shortcuts for quick fixes/assists
- bug fixes for quick fixes/assist and wildcards
- new quick fixes for missing @Deprecared, @Override
- bug fixing
- more performance work
- polish:
 - shortcuts for quick fixes/assists
 - worked on default line terminator for new files

JDT Core:
- bug fixing
- features:
 - released support for @SuppressWarnings
 - added optional diagnosis to flag unhandled warning tokens
   in @SuppressWarnings annotations
 - in 5.0 compliant mode, changed local inner type naming
   convention to reflect JLS 13.1 (3rd edition). As a consequence,
   instead of generating a file named X$1$A.class, it will simply
   be X$1A.class".
 - added compiler option to control whether @SuppressWarning
   annotations are active or not. By disabling them, one can quickly
   revive all hidden warnings.
 - added API on CorrectionEngine for computing the warning token
   corresponding to an optional warning ID (towards quickfix)
 - searchMatch now has a implicit field which shows whether the
   associated element is implicit or not (see bug 94062)
 - added support for 'capture' inside Code Assist. Delaring type of
   a completion
   proposal is captured for qualified completion.
 - added APIs to replace a range of moved nodes (ListRewrite
    #createMoveTarget(first, last, replacingNode, editGroup)).
   See bug 91938 for details.
- polish:
 - code Assist provide the enclosing type reference when cursor
   is inside a type argument and the completion token is empty
   (in the same way as method calls).
 - code Assist provide the enclosing annotation reference when
   completion is inside an annotation argument and the completion
   token is empty (in the same way as method calls).
 - code Assist doesn't propose anymore type completion when
   completion token is empty.
 - removed 3.1 APIs BindingKey#getDeclaringTypeSignature() and
   BindingKey#toSignature() as they were found error prone.
   See bug 93105 for details.

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