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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes -May 5, 2005

 Discussion Topics



- Performance:
  - Java breakpoint creation perfomed in background thread to avoid
    blocking UI
  - reduced garbage creation in console
  - continue to investigate console failures: timings show new console
    is faster than 3.0 when run outside performance test suite
  - added maximum number of characters to display in variables details
    area (user pref) to avoid out of memory exception when displaying
    large arrays
  - main method search improved on Java Application launch configuration
- API cleaning:
  - ensure @since 3.1 tags are present, javadoc fomatting is reasonable,
- bug fixing

- move to Ant 1.6.3
- API cleaning 
  - ensure @since 3.1 tags are present
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- configured, tested new performance machines.  Ran "test" 3.0 baseline
  test run last Friday.
- updated performance test plan:
- investigating intermittent network connection failures to test machines
- review/revise process to support external contributions of eclipse
- posted build schedule that supports 3.1 endgame plan: 
- released fixes for performance web presentation
- testing latest versions of PDE Build

JDT Core:
- bug fixing
- tuned CodeAssist option for filtering restricted 
  completions (based on classpath access rules).
- removed 3.1 APIs BindingKey#getDeclaringTypeSignature() 
  and BindingKey#toSignature() as they were found error 
  prone. See bug 93105  for details
- added support for 'capture' inside Code Assist. Declaring 
  type of a completion proposal is captured for qualified 
- added APIs to replace a range of moved nodes (ListRewrite
  #createMoveTarget(first, last, replacingNode, editGroup)). 
  See bug 91938 for details.
- work in progress for @SuppressWarning
- work in progress for enabling batch compiler use of access

Platform/JDT Text:
- performance:
  - continued to investigate failing performance tests and missing
    suites [in progress]
    - for some reason the focus is not on the workbench/editor
  - changed Platform/JDT Text code to use new 
    StyledText.getTextBounds(int,int) API
  - quick diff: improved document copying for documents that implement
- J2SE 5.0:
  - auto(un)boxing semantic coloring now uses AST information and is much
    more complete
  - context information for type parameters (only when inserting a
    generic type proposal, not upon Ctrl+Shift+Space)
- MoveLines now indents the moved lines in the Java editor
- investigated work related to default line delimiter polish item
- preference pages now link to Colors and Fonts preference page
- reviewed and discussed patches from Platform UI (Susan) regarding the
  unified undo story
- bug fixing
- bug inbox tracking

- bug fixing
- polishing:
  - shortcuts for quick fixes 
  - new open type dialog
  - prepared JDT code for new default line delimiter 
    preference. Inspected all code places that create
    code to ensure that we will honor the new setting
- J2SE 5.0:
  - rename refactoring now also renames annotation elements
  - support for capture and wildcard types in Extract Local, 
    Extract Constant and other refactorings
  - wrote tests for capture types
  - adding a starimport removes unnecessary single imports
- Performance:
  - optimized ripple method finder to use more restricted search
    scope and fewer subtype hierarchies.
  - examined code assist in monster workspace
  - examined memory consumption for structural refactorings
  - added "Slowdown explained" support to performance plug-in
    (all branches)

Platform Core:
- project specific content type settings
- buddy classloading
- M7 endgame planning
- bug triage
- bug fixing

- plug-in import wizard reworked to restore the old binary import behavior
  with plug-ins in JARs. Binary import with linking works again.
- caching of the workspace state added. With workspace caching,
  initialization of 995 plug-ins dropped from 4-27sec to 1.2sec.
- PDE UI and PDE Build are now sharing state, which makes PDE export very
- bug fixes

- UA:
  - Initial User Experience:
    - working on embedding help documents inside Intro pages (with intro
    - HTML-based intro on Linux mostly done
    - HTML-based intro on Mac has problems with the embedded browser
    - bug fixes
  - Help:
    - bug fixes, UI polish, Javadoc cleanup
  - Eclipse Forms:
    - improved accessibility support, bug fixes, Javadoc cleanup
  - Cheat Sheets:
    - new images, added categories for the dialog, reworking the cheat
      sheet selection dialog to be more consistent with the rest of the
      workbench UI

- added automatic selection of required features if available on the
  update site (e.g. VE needs GEF)
- bug fixes

Platform UI:
- general:
  - bug fixing
  - NL + BIDI issues investigated/fixed
  - content types + file associations preferences work
  - undo/redo bugs and tweaking
- performance:
  - (
  - some regression fixing from work done for performance
- polish:
  - put in new support to allow us to put back 68938 [Contributions] Allow
    contributions based on active editor input

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