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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 27, 2005

[ To all the component leads who sent me stuff late in the day: This is 
*not* the new normal time for the status message to go out. Please try to 
get your content to me by 3pm Eastern at the latest. ]

 Discussion Topics

JDT Core:
- with all recent performance improvements near startup, we do 
  not initialize much state before going idle after launch. Then
  the first user action will lazily trigger expensive initialization.
  So we start quick, but could post some background job to trigger
  inits after startup, and likely before user does anything real
  (a la CVS info refresh).
  2 scenarii to consider:
  1. normal workbench startup: need to initialize CP containers
  2. migrating 3.0 workspace: additionally to (1), need to rebuild
     workspaces and recreate indexes (done lazily when needed, but
     could be too late). In the migrating stage, it should be ok
     for a UI to offer some migration task (once for all).



- bug prioritization
- bug fixing
- performance:
  - made some gains in console performance that we had to revert due to
    functional changes; investigation continues
  - all other tests are now showing green

- performance:
  - very close to having no Ant regressions greater than 10%
- bug fixing

- performance:
  - removed all types cache. Polished new Open Type Dialog
  - adapted fingerprints to elapsed process time
  - improved memory consumption of move static members (don't 
    use ASTs anymore in visibility adjustment computation
  - performance measurement for code assist
  - investigated memory footprint of text edit trees and text
    changes during refactoring
  - inspected memory snapshots of full source workspaces for
    memory leaks
  - build path actions are no selection listeners anymore
  - type hierarchy labels using keys
  - improved problem decorator performance
- J2SE 5.0: 
  - worked on adapting refactorings to new capture bindings

Platform/JDT Text:
- performance:
  - Code Assist:
    - we now delay as much as possible
    - SWT.VIRTUAL table is used in the proposal popup
  - investigating failing performance tests and missing suites [in 
  - tracked down performance degradation in our selection-bases
    scrolling tests:
    - found and helped to resolve a problem in StyledText regarding
    - filed a bug against another component that requested the selected
      text while scrolling
  - improved Smart Paste performance: 16x speed-up
  - looked at and commented several performance PRs
  - mark occurrences no longer recomputes if target is still the same
  - looked at proposed code from SWT to improve 
- released modification stamp for document and document event and use it
  in file buffers
  ==> dirty flag goes away if last change is undone
- reviewed and adapted several patches from Platform UI (Susan) regarding
  the unified undo story
- bug fixing
- bug inbox tracking

Platform UI:
- bug fixing
- performance work 
   - part activation
   - leaks
   - label decorators
   - hashCode and equals implementations
   - + many minor enhancements
- preference dialog
- NL + BIDI issues investigated/fixed
- content types + file associations preferences work

Platform Core:
- content type performance
- project specific content type settings
- pde-build bug fixing
- cross platform export
- state sharing between pde build/ui
- improvements to pde-build and releng scripts
- investigating explicit garbage collection
- lots of bug fixing

JDT Core:
- bug fixing
- added Javadoc support for package-info (1.5)
- released improved capture conversion (1.5 support)
- removed need to load Error&RuntimeException unnecessarily
  during compile (for minimalistic JCL developper)
- performance:
  - caching more info into Java element resolved key, may
    need more tuning to avoid life cycle inconsistencies

Rel. Eng.:
- work on getting new performance test machines online
- work on getting new build machine online
- planning performance baseline test rerun
- integrating new help index Ant task into builder
- performance web generation rework
- investigating network issues with IT

- working on automatic selection of features/plug-ins required by
  selected feature in the Install wizard (bug#:83744) - done 75%.
- bug fixes

- performance work on caching workspace plug-in state continues - will
  be done in a few days. 
- added option to 'plugin from existing jars' wizard to export 
- bug fixes

User Assistance:
- Help:
  - added support for CSS injection. We can now have a different CSS
    for the help view (to show documents with the system font that
    matches other views).
  - added support for injecting blurb for the topics that belong to
    disabled activities.
  - working on parametrization of activity-related messages to match
    platform UI
  - merging pre-built search indexes during indexing of help implemented
    & in the I-build
  - bug fixes
- Welcome:
  - performance testing for jarring plugins with Intro content
  - Platform Intro SDK updated as jarred plugins
  - support resolving relative resources in the intro content files
    relative to the declaring xml file. This enhances/speeds up the
    experience with the JARd plug-ins
  - better separation of SDK Intro content for the Platform SDK download. 
    Platform download now has a clean intro that can be used as a base
  - work in progress to use Browser on Linux and Mac platforms

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