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[eclipse-dev] SQL editor

dear all

i have tried to plug the sqleditor from the java
developer guide to eclipse book. but i couldn't make
.sql file

and body can help me ?

and if i have question about basic plugin and CDT, can
trough this millis 


Husni Teja Sukmana 
Department of Computer Science
Sunmoon University 
#100 Asan-si, Chungnam,336708, Engineering Building (7 th floor) ITRC 
Mobile : 019-8078267

Husni Teja SukmanaÃæ³² ¾Æ»ê½Ã ÅÁÁ¤¸é°¥»ê¸® 100»ê¹®´ëÇб³ °ø´ë (7th floor) ITRC

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