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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Aug 18, 2004

Platform UI
- M2 plan posted
- emphasis on performance testing and investigation for M2
- bug fixing 3.0.1
- vacations
- 3.1 planning

Kevin Haaland/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA 
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
08/17/2004 04:30 PM
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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Aug 18, 2004

Discussion Topics




- Continuing I/O console implementation. Completed first code review. 
-  Investigating ways to deal with large numbers of launch configurations 
in the launch dialog 
-  3.0.1 experimentation and fix for run menu action ordering ( 
-  Bug fixing 
-  3.1 Planning 


- Performance tests 
-  Leak testing 
-  3.0.1 builder bug 
-  Code folding preferences for the Ant editor 


- 3.1 planning 
- 3.0.1 fixing -> implementation of new file encoding APIs 
- investigation of problems with large-scale applications


- More 3.0.1 defects fixed (among them a problem with launch when 
empty/incomplete manifests are present) 
- M2 plan is up - currently focusing on RCP tooling 


- Investigating moving some portion of the feature install task into the 

- Testing help with Windows SP2 (there are some IE issues that need to be 
resolved, but overall Help works well) 

Platform/JDT Text:

- continued performance testing 
        - increased number of performance tests to close to 20 
                - implemented first mouse driven tests 
                - scrolling and selection tests covering paint performance 

        - extended performance test infrastructure with result evaluation 
                - performance tests can be run and evaluated locally 
                - support red/green result presentation 
- planning 
- 3.0.1 bug fixing 
- started working on editor support for 1.5 

Mac OS X: 

- identifying Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) and Java 1.5 (Tiger) issues 
- investigating launching issues with SWT apps on Mac OS X (eliminating 
- working on performance tests for Mac OS X 


- switching to TextBuffer infrastructure 
- fixing validate/edit issues 
- started on improving Patch UI 


- 3.0.1 bug fixing 
- M1 testing & fixing 
- 3.1 & M2 planning 
- continued work on "Genericize Collection Usages" refactoring 
  o started implementing type constraint infrastructure with improved 
    performance and memory characteristics. 
- investigated refactorings wrt. J2SE 5.0 conformance 
  o wrote test cases for inline temp, promote temp, rename temp, self 
    encapsulate field and surround with try refactorings that make 
    use of new J2SE 5.0 features 
- implemented automatic building of project before serial version UID 
  generation and improved feedback in UI 
- investigated use of launch infrastructure to run serial version UID 
  generation in separate VM 

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