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Re: [eclipse-dev] JDK 1.3 support for SWT

I think it is clearly explained in my mail what the issue is. 
You say you don't support 1.3, but code says different. The issue I have
was filed, changed by you and others and completely misunderstood,
misread or whatever, closed, reopened by me, explaining again, again
misunderstood and closed again.
I said I have a problem with oranges, you made my problem about apples.

So a last try, like I would have explained to my great grandmother :
- Open the file
- Look at the code
- See references the a static JDK13 variable
- Guessing from that, it supports JDK 1.3
- Create a new java file
- Copy & Paste the code that is in the issue
- Run it under jdk1.3
- Frame0 receives mouse events, but doesn't propagate to other
- Run it under jdk1.4
- It works.

The answer I got from you says : The javadoc states "In jdk 1.5 blah
blah" and we don't support 1.3.

That leaves you with a couple of possible issues :
1) If you don't support jdk 1.3, you should remove 1.3 code, so you have
less point of failures and less code to maintain.
2) Your javadoc is wrong and means to say jdk 1.3, which means you also
have a bug.
3) Jdk 1.3 should work, so this needs fixing ?

Please chose an option of what is really what you meant..

Sorry about the ranting tone, maybe we are just talking different


On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 17:08, Steve Northover wrote:
> Do you have a specific problem under JDK 1.3 Windows?  If so enter a
> problem report. Thanks.
> Martin van den Bemt
> <mllist@xxxxxxxx>
> Sent by:
> eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
> 07/27/2004 08:09 PM
>          Please respond to
>             eclipse-dev
>                To
> eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
>                cc
>           Subject
> [eclipse-dev] JDK
> 1.3 support for
> Maybe this is the wrong list, but at least some developers are present
> of eclipse, that I assume know what the exact deal is.
> I filed an issue today
> which talks about problems I have with the SWT_AWT class running under
> jdk1.3, and somehow I got some answers about using jdk 1.5 and 1.3 not
> being supported, although this particular piece of code contains some
> specifics for JDK1.3. I got pissed of at the answers, since they
> aren't
> answers.
> Also for now SWT 3.0 seem to work ok for me running on a jdk 1.3
> (windows)
> So maybe I can get some clear answers to my questions here :
> - Why is jdk 1.3 not supported ? (eg OLE works great on jdk1.3)
> - contains code specifically for JDK 1.3 and was added
> when
> you guys started working on version 3, why is the code in there if it
> is
> not supported. Was it decided later and the was the code never removed
> ?
> (I assumed it needed 1.4, but since the 1.3 code was in there, I went
> ahead anyway).
> - Is there a link that specifies what changed to make stuff not work
> under 1.3 ?
> I cannot make important decisions (in this case a move from jdk1.3 to
> 1.4, which is pretty time consuming), if I see contradictions. The
> code
> pretends it works under 1.3, it fails, so it is bug, in my point of
> view. If you don't want to support 1.3, code should be removed (less
> testing, less possible errors, less code), which is a "bug" too or at
> least a chore.
> I know you don't owe me any explanation for this of any kind (since it
> is free code and all), but too treat an issue like that, is something
> I
> probably don't deserve, based on the information in the issue
> provided.
> -- 
> Mvgr,
> Martin
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