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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Jul 28, 2004

 Discussion Topics


- Doug Pollock and Billy Biggs were at the
  Linux Symposium in Ottawa, Billy gave an Eclipse talk

- keynote "Inside Eclipse" at "IBM Eclipse Innovation Award"
  in Boeblingen

- prepared an article for the Java Magazin (German magazine)
  Title: Eclipse Technology for Application Development
- also, "submitted a German article about writing an editor to
    Java Magazin"
  [Dani, I wasn't sure if these referred to the same article or not.]


- 3.0.1 bug fixing
- 3.1 planning
- work in progress to enhance generic console for I/O support & hyperlinks
- migration of debug step/terminate/resume actions to use background jobs
- using "FindBugs" tool to identify potential bugs in debug platform
- review of JPDA 1.5/JVMTI to identify work items that will be required
  in JDI debug client for J2SE 5 support

- on vacation

Rel. Eng.:
- NL fragment tool fixes
- performance testing:  investigating reporting mechanisms and making
  instrumentation more fine grained.

Platform UI:
- 3.0.1 bug fixing
- 3.0 NL and Accessibility review/documenting
- 3.1 planning
- vacations

Platform Core:
- [3.0] post-mortem and review
- [3.0.1] planning; released some of our fixes; working on file encoding
  notification bug
- [3.1] writing up plan items
- [web] web site work
- [bugzilla] re-org'd Bugzilla components to match Equinox runtime
  integration (Core now split into Platform/Runtime and 

- bug fixing
- preparing 3.0.1
- planning 3.1 release
- converted AST clients to new JSL3 API
- added UI for new compiler option: missing serial version id
- investigated in a refactoring to convert raw collection usages into
  usages of Generic collection classes.

Platform/JDT Text: 
- continued 3.1 planning and submitted items for the 3.1 Themes
- continued investigation on how to write reliable memory and performance
- released fixes to R3_0_maintenance branch
- bug tracking & fixing 

- bug fixing for 3.0.1 and in HEAD
- planning for 3.1
- many SWT team members on vacation

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