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Re: [eclipse-dev] Integrating eclipse.core.runtime into an other Framework [wd-vc]

The runtime does not have an event loop.  It sets up the environment and then runs the application.  The application can do anything.  In the default Eclipse case the application is the UI and there is an event loop. This is completely configurable by you.  Perhaps you could define and application which runs your framework?

The other option is to run Eclipse from your Java program.  If you look at the EclipseStarter class (in the org.eclipse.osgi) you will see that there are startup(), run() and shutdown() methods.  You can do similar work as to what is done in Main but use the separate lifecycle methods.  This is more work so I would try the application approach first and then this approach if the application does not work for you.


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06/29/2004 08:46 AM

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[eclipse-dev] Integrating eclipse.core.runtime into an other Framework [wd-vc]


I want to use the eclipse runtime as a plugin engine within an other application framework.
Unfortunately both frameworks want to have the control (.i.e. main event loop).

I wonder if I can use eclipse in library mode: call startup(), getPlugin(), shutdown() as needed.

Are there any examples on how to initialize eclipse runtime and use it to load plugins without providing an application

plugin and going through the normal boot loader and procedure which finally leads into a shutdown().

Thanks Thomas

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