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Re: [eclipse-dev] translating messages in the log?

Intro Team's input:
Currently we do _not_ translate any messages that are logged to the .log file. Mind you, it goes without saying that a any message (error, info, warning) that pop up to the user must be translated.
But the rationale for not translating error messages that are only logged to the .log file is a follows: As a component developer, if you have any NL problem, and you ask for the log file. If your error messages are translated, then good luck trying to understand your error :) You can see a stack trace, but with a translated message. For warning and info messages. there completely useless when translated.
The only way this can be solved is if you have a convention for your component with <product>.<component>.<error/warning/info>.<messageId> tagged with *every* messages that you even writre out.

eg: sdk.intro.I.101 "Intro url is: "
Info message from Intro plugin.

This actually would be a great Serviceability enhancement for the whole SDK, and the Error log viewer could be enhanced to undertsand these ids.

just Intro's 2 cents....


Konrad Kolosowski/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

06/21/2004 11:02 AM

Please respond to

[eclipse-dev] translating messages in the log?


Do we have a guide line in Eclipse clarifying/suggesting whether messages
logged to Eclipse log must/should/should not/must not be translated?

I seem to recall that we use to translate all messages except the debug
output, and it was relaxed later that we should but do not have to.
Recently a bug has been
opened and John commented that we should generally not translate log
messages.  From the log we see Help, PDE, Team do translate their logged

Personally I think the messages should be translated, especially that users
can see them in the log view, and they are really the first line of support
for themselves.

Konrad Kolosowski
Eclipse Help System

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