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Re: [eclipse-dev] Table not being drawn properly in a view?

I actually figured because I was having the issue inside of a view, while in an SWT application it work flawlessly, that this would be the place to ask. I actually did pack all of the columns (and the parent as well). The only time the table would draw correctly was when either the view was resized or the entire window was refreshed. I'll try disposing the columns too, probably a better solution anyway. Thanks for the help!

Marc Boorshtein
Sr. Software Engineer, Octet String
On Jun 14, 2004, at 10:19 AM, Carolyn MacLeod wrote:

You can remove columns - use TableColumn.dispose().
For your resize problem, try packing your columns using TableColumn.pack().

In future, please use the newsgroups for user questions. Read about the newsgroups here:

Table is an SWT class, so your correct choice of newsgroup for this particular question would have been:


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<x-tad-smaller>[eclipse-dev] Table not being drawn properly in a view?</x-tad-smaller>

<x-tad-smaller> I am trying to use a table inside of an eclipe view to represent a  </x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller> database table.  Because I can't remove columns, in SWT apps I have  </x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller> destroyed and re-built the table every time I refresh the table.  In  </x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller> this case when the table refreshes, it doesn't re-size it's self  </x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller> properly on a "pack(true)" of it's self or it's parent composite.  If I  </x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller> resize the view, it corrects it's self though.  Am I missing  </x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller> someinthing?</x-tad-smaller>

<x-tad-smaller> Thanks!</x-tad-smaller>

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