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RE: [eclipse-dev] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jfree/chart/labels/XYItemLabelGenerator

Definitely the type of question for the newsgroups; perhaps someone else can help with your registration? (Are you using a spam filter?)
Sounds like you need to include the jfreechart jar in the list of runtime libs for your plugin.  (Edit your plugin.xml and add the jfreechart jar on the runtime tab -- note that you shouldn't export anything from jfreechart, though, unless you're creating "the" jfreechart plugin ). These are the jars that are loaded by eclipse when your plugin is activated.
(This assumes there is no separate jfreechart plugin -- otherwise you would list it as a dependency and require it to be installed to run your plugin).
For the other q, you could add "-verbose" as a JVM argument when running the runtime WB, but that will list every class loaded by eclipse (and where they're loaded from). Don't know if there's a way to limit to just your plugin's classloader.
Hope this helps a bit... I usually just lurk here...
-- Scott

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Subject: [eclipse-dev] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jfree/chart/labels/XYItemLabelGenerator

Hi whenever I start my plugin it gives me this exception…


What does it mean? The class is at the classpath and it compiles at the reigt way without any error messages and my Junit tests also runs fine.


So I what can I do?


Another question, (ok I think the newsgroup is the better place  for this, but I don’t receive an email after I register and so I wonder….) Is it possible to list all loaded classes, provided by a plugin,


For example, I want to see all classes provided by my plug-in


Thanks gert


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