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[eclipse-dev] Test pass: keep an eye on background jobs

One area where we can use extra assistance during this 3.0 test pass is in the area of background jobs. We are seeing occasional reports of background jobs (such as autobuild) not running when expected, or the progress view showing stale or duplicate entries. Due to their concurrent nature, these issues tend to be very hard to pin down. If you see *anything* out of the ordinary during the test pass, even if you can't reproduce it, please enter a bug report! Don't assume we will already know about it. Some of the information that is very useful when reporting these bugs:

- Eclipse build number (should always be included in all bug reports)
- What you were doing around the time of the failure or unusual behaviour
- Recent .log file contents
- Stack traces (Use java.exe and hit Ctrl+Break on Windows, "kill -3" java process on other platforms)
- Screen shot of progress view if it appears to be showing unexpected information (close-cropped JPG preferred)


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