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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Servlet Compilation problem

 Hi Folks,
   I am new to eclipse and am having problems compiling a servlet.
 These are the things I have done :
1) Installed eclipse3.0M8
2) Installed Tomcat 5.0.19
3) Installed SYSDEO Tomcat Plugin 2.2.1
4) Under Windows->Prefrences->Tomcat
  Checked Version 5.x
   Tomcat Home : C:\Applications\Tomcat 5.0
   Tomcat base : C:\Applications\Tomcat 5.0
  Configuration File : C:\Applications\Tomcat 5.0\conf\server.xml
5) I created a Tomcat project called Tom1. Eclipse created a WEB-INF
 directory for me. It also created a lib and a src directory under it
but no classes directory.
6) Under Project->Properties->Java Build Path Libraries tab, specified
 Tom1/WEB-INF/classes as default output folder.

 Now I created a very simple helloworld servlet under WEB-INF/src and
created the web.xml having the servlet mappings under WEB-INF

 At this point, I want to compile the servlet seperatey to test if it
compiles. When I try to compile using Run->Run as->Java Application I
get the error that editor does not contain a main type (which I assume
 is due to not having a main method in my servlet class).

Build All and Build Project options under Project are disabled for me
 (I havent figured out how to enable it)..
 So am stuck at this point as my servlet cannot be compiled. Can anyone
 give me a clue as to what needs to be done ?


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