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[eclipse-dev] sun.misc.launcher

Followup to: "Java Applet Launch..."
Since the  time I initially posted: "Java Applet Launch..." I noticed the following
webpage on Sun's website:
This raises questions as to whether or not Eclipse will be practical for
my purpose since I see the package "sun.misc.launcher" in use.
Does anyone know if there are plans to move away from the usage of the package
"sun.misc.launcher", or if there is any documentation or other workaround
available for its usage?
John Stark
>>> -------------Initial Posting ------------------------------------------
Java Applet Launch /
I'm trying to launch a debug session with a Java Applet, the related html file being specified under the “Run->Debug...->arguments” tab.
Extracting some relevant information from the debug window I have
1)Calls to:
sun.misc.launcher loadClass
sun.misc.launcher findClass
2)A (java.lang.throwable) gets underway because of the following:
(, line: not available [native method]
3)At this point the javadoc under (“”) is a big help with the following comment:
“The action is performed with the intersection of the permissions possessed by the caller's protection domain, and those possesed by the domains represented by the specified AccessControlContext”.
Since the code is “not available”, the question to ask must be, where should I look, and what should I change, to enable the Java Applet to startup.
This relates to:
Eclipse Platform
Version: 2.1.3
Build Id: 200403101828
-John Stark

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