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Re: [eclipse-dev] Proposal to reduce mailing list noise

I noticed the link's still there - is the webmaster still mulling it over or did she decide it wasn't a good idea? Just wondering...

From: John Arthorne
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 10:28:55 -0400 
Delivered-to: eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx 

Great idea. 

I'll forward this request to the webmaster if there are no dissenting opinions by the end of the day. 

From:    "Ed Burnette"
To:        <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Proposal to reduce mailing list noise 

Ironically, I'm contributing to the problem, but I'd like to propose a solution to reduce noise on the mailing lists by helping to direct user questions to the newsgroups instead of the lists. It's a little drastic, but... I suggest removing the 'mailing lists' link from the web page's main navigation bar. There should already be links in the development areas for the various projects (for example see and those links should be sufficient.

Rationale: Having the mailing lists in such a prominent position on the web site is driving users to the lists, only to have them be (gently) chastised and sent back to the newsgroups. I do realize that the mailing list page has text that says user questions should not go there, but obviously many people don't notice that and skip down to the list of lists. Reducing the lists' prominence would hopefully make them less noisy and better suited for their intended purpose, but would not make the lists any less accessible for anyone involved with or interested in Eclipse development who really needs them.

+ / - anyone?

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