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[eclipse-dev] 3.0 M5 test candidate now available

Teams, please use the I20031119 (2030) build for Thursday's test pass:


John Arthorne/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

11/19/2003 09:25 PM
Please respond to eclipse-dev

        To:        eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
        Subject:        Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build I20031119 (Timestamp:  200311192030):Build is complete.  Automated JUnit testing is starting.

This build is ok for testing.  There is still a deadlock when checking out several sets of projects in parallel, but it will not prevent testing.  See:

eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 11/19/2003 09:08:36 PM:

> Build I20031119 (Timestamp: 200311192030):  The Build is complete.  
> Automated JUnit testing is starting.

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