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Re: [eclipse-dev] Rebuild for 3.0 M5 Test candidate

The 12 noon build is good for testing for Platform/Core. We have one
remaining outstanding issue that we are investigating but don't feel that
it should hold up testing.

We have been able to reproduce this by performing several CVS checkouts on
several groups of projects at once. (for instance 10 checkouts of 5
projects each) So don't do this in your testing unless you really like

eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 11/19/2003 02:57:02 PM:

> The following teams have committed changes to the noon rebuild.
> core
> doc
> jdtdebug
> pde
> text
> platform-ui
> If you have not already done so, please validate your changes to the
> build and provide a status.
> The following teams will be contributing the rebuild that will be
> starting as soon as jdtdebug contributes their fix (ETA around 3:30 EST).

> platform-ui
> jdtdebug
> swt
> compare
> jdtcore
> team
> These teams will be required to provide a validate and provide a
> status for this build as the the 3.0 M5 Test Candidate.
> Kim

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