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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 19, 2003

Please add the following status for Platform UI:

Platform UI:
  - OLE working
  - bug fixing after initial merge
- New Look included in M5 build but not 'on' by default yet
  - still experimenting with how things look, NOT final at all
- renamed Roles to Catagories in Scalability work for more flexibility
  - more flexible then Roles as they imply too much
- working with SWT on improving Key Bindings/accelerator support
- Julian Jones rolling out instrumentation based on framework
- bug fixing


Mike Wilson/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

11/18/2003 03:34 PM
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Discussion Topics



- There doesn't seem to be much interest in sending me status messages

 any more. Is there something I can do to fix this, or should I just

 give up?



- Eclipse was invited by O'Reilly Publishing to participate in the Open

 Source Innovation Center at Comdex this week.  Response is split between

 "what is Eclipse" and "Eclipse is better than sliced bread".  Its great to

 see that people are finding Eclipse useful and to let others know what

 Eclipse can do for them.

- Dorian Birsan to do Eclipse presentation for 3rd year students of McGill

 University, Montreal (Nov 20th)




Rel Eng:

- changes in Releng JUnit tests so that chkpii warnings are ignored.

 - warnings will be shown in chkpii logs

- new improved version of RelEng Plug-in now available (3.0.0)

 thanks to Team team

- test builds without org.apache.xerces plug-in.  Should be able to exclude

 this plug-in from set of 3.0 M5 plug-ins used to run PDE Build and Ant


- work on automated build infrastructure template and related doc ongoing


- tying up loose ends in preparation for making Equinox "the" runtime

 next week

- found and resolved the issue that was stopping us from running end-to-end

 scenarios in the WSAD example case.  (turned out to be a problem finding

 resources in the default or non-code bearing package)

- no new performance work as the focus has been completeness

- working with Install/Update and Help to resolve their issues


- OSGi: Fixed selfhosting with Help JSPs

- OSGi: Cannot launch embedded Help in a separate process (class path issues -

 Help makes 'interesting' calls to runtime to be able to do it). Users must

 switch to the system browser to be able to see help

- Lucene upgraded to 1.3 RC2

- Tomcat upgraded to 4.1.29

- bug fixing


- removed dependency on Xerces in today's integration build

- fixing remaining RCP aftershock issues

- dDynamic classpaths seem very stable. The only known issue that remains is

 the volatile .project file (see bug #46668 for details)

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