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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 12, 2003

made RFE:

totally agree. nothing should ever be written to the eclipse directory itself; it should be treated as if it were read-only (which it should be on *nix). the workspace folder, the user's plugin directory (an extension location), and whatever is in '.config' by default should be placed inside the user's home directory. the home directory is the only one guaranteed to be writable. this would have the added benefit of making it very simple frequent upgraders; simply delete the old directory and unzip the new version. i used to be able to emulate this setup by creating/linking an extension location for all users and specifying the '-data' option for all users. now that there is a '.config' directory inside of eclipse proper i can't do that anymore.

i suggest the following structure for all platforms:

<arbitrary location>/eclipse     the eclipse install directory
<home>/.eclipse/workspace        workspace
<home>/.eclipse/config           whatever is in '.config'
<home>/.eclipse/plugins          plugin location
<home>/.eclipse/features         feature location

on *nix, it may look like:


a user with root privileges can still add common plugins to '/usr/eclipse/plugins', since the one in the user's home directory is technically just an extension location.

this should be very easy to implement, too.


Jan Schulz wrote:

Hallo Dorian,

* Dorian Birsan wrote:

So the update can be scheduled to happen automatically through the OS's
automatic program scheduling mechanism.

No, this is through the update manager built-in support for automatic updates: [...]

I'm not sure from what context you come, but when you have a unix
system, you will have eclipse installed in a common folder and all
users of this maschine can use it. This senario isn't very good
supported by eclipse right now (debians packages fix that, I hope...).

Anyway, this requires, that only the root user has the right to write
an change eclipse programm files (-> features/plugins). No sane user
should login into X being root, so no X is present, so no eclipse
without headless operation.

eclipse as  a typical linux programm looks something like this:
* package manager managed core
  -> /usr/share/eclipse
* system wide extentions, installed by root and not the package manager
  -> /usr/local/share/eclipse
* per user configuration in -> $HOME/.eclipse
  and extention in
  -> $HOME/.eclipse/eclipse

The first two 'sites' should not be updateable by the users
updatemanager, only the third plugin/feature location should be
accessed by the update manager in eclipse.

In the debian packages, this is currently achieved by
* patching PlatformConfiguration to setup /usr/share/eclipse as
  readonly *in all cases*.
* setting a 'links' file with 'path=r /usr/local/share', using
  "internal API" to ensure that this location is also readonly.
* adding a patch to PlatfromConfiguration, so that the user can use a
  'addsite' option, which works like a 'links' file, only on a per
runtime basis. * per User configuarion (of the using window system, data dir and
  additional plugin locations) is in $HOME/.eclipse/eclipsrc and will
  be used by a starter script, which repalces the binary starter
  (which is only used to display the pslash screen).

This basicly disables update manager, as in the 2.x stream, there is a
bug, where you can't see any 'linked in' site and so only see
/usr/share/eclipse (which is readonly and not writeable anyway), but
not $HOME/.eclispe/eclipse
To sum it up: eclipse is a very windows centric application and does
not fit at all into the *ix 'view of the world'.

I hope that the RCP will not suffer from this. On unix I would expect
that the core RPC plugins can be shared by several apps, without one
app seeing others apps config/appearance/contributions. I hope that's
possible by the current implementation.

Thanks for reading this rant :) I've filed some bugs about the above
shorctomings. One includes the 'plugin in $HOME' patch, one is about
not using the normal unix 'highlight and paste' clipboard (eclipse is
the *only* app, where I *have to* use strg+c and strg+v, removing one
of the most loved look&feel issues of *ix...). The RCP issues were
raised in the bugzilla of that changes.


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